Former Swimming Official Speaks Out Against Trans Swimmer At UPenn

December 29th, 2021 9:44 AM

On Christmas Eve, swimming official Cynthia Millen resigned after 30 years in the sport due to a transgendered woman who is smashing swimming records. Now, she is boldly speaking out against men who are allowed to compete in women’s sports simply based on what they identify as.

Miller criticized the University of Pennsylvania for allowing Lia Thomas, a biological man who transitioned to being a woman, to participate in events and in the process obliterate swimming records set by real women.

“And it’s horrible; the statement for women then is you don’t matter, what you do is not important, and little girls are going to be thrown under the bus by all of this. He’s going to be destroying women’s swimming,” Miller said.

Here’s a video of Thomas far outpacing his competitors in a recent race:

Miller is absolutely right, allowing men to compete in women’s sport accomplishes nothing but the destruction of women’s sports. Not only does it further blur the line between men and women, but it allows for men (who are biologically stronger in the vast majority of cases) to minimize anything that women accomplish in athletics.

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Miller highlighted how allowing people like Thomas into women’s sports minimizes all the work done by past generations of female athletes who blazed the trail for women to compete in sports:

“…(all the) women who worked so hard before Title IX when they didn’t have the opportunities that men had. And It would be such a shame, it would be such a travesty to throw it all away now,” she said. “And this is what will happen. We must face facts: Men are different from women; men swimmers are different from women, and they will always be faster than women.”

Fortunately, Miller is not the only one speaking out against UPenn’s ridiculous decision to support this nonsense. In addition to receiving incredible supports from people across the country, parents of other swimmers on UPenn’s team are filing a lawsuit pleading with the NCAA to address the situation.