Alphabet Mob Smacks Down Dungy For Attending Christian Conference

January 12th, 2023 11:30 AM

James Brown, left, and Tony Dungy, right Openly Christian NFL broadcaster Tony Dungy, a former NFL player and coach with a Super Bowl championship on his resume, is being targeted for his faith by the alphabet mob. Outsports is doing a two-part series examining his “anti-LGBT past”, starting with a smackdown over his upcoming appearance at a Christian conference in March. 

Dungy and CBS football host James Brown are both speaking at the Charis Bible College’s Men’s Advance 2023, March 9-11. They’ve been featured for years at the event hosted by “rabidly anti-gay Christian evangelist Andrew Wommack,” who has equated being gay to murder, according to Outsports co-founder and Christian shamer Cyd Zeigler. 

Andrew Wommack Ministries bills the upcoming event as an opportunity to be inspired “to live victoriously and to share your inspiration and knowledge with others. Be equipped to succeed in every aspect of life!” 

Zeigler, however, can see hatred right through the veil of Christianity. He blasted Dungy (appearing at right in photo with Brown) for upholding God’s Word on marriage and sexuality over man’s word.: 

Dungy has for years publicly advocated against gay rights. In 2006 — then the successful head coach of the Indianapolis Colts — Dungy raised money to oppose marriage equality for same-sex couples. He has spoken out against gay NBA player Jason Collins’ ‘lifestyle’ and said he wouldn’t want gay player Michael Sam on his team, despite advocating for federally convicted dog-murderer Michael Vick and indicted alleged woman-beater Ray Rice.

Zeigler also lamented Dungy getting a pass from his TV colleagues for spouting anti-gay rhetoric for years. The high priest of LGBT sports, Zeigler blasted Pastor Wommack for several alleged failings and expresses astonishment that Brown and Dungy are not rejecting him. 

Wommack’s anti-LGBT rhetoric uses “cruel language,’’ Zeigler charged. Two years ago, he claimed homosexual behavior is hazardous to people’s lives. Which, according to much social science research, is absolutely true. 
“If you are a Christian, if you claim to be a Christian, and you promote homosexuality as an accepted lifestyle ... if you believe that, you are taking a stand completely against the word of God,” Wommack has stated in the past. 

It’s going to be a bitter pill to swallow for LGBT people “to learn these two men openly embrace someone who has made such cruel public comments about the LGBT community,” Zeigler said, adding that 96 percent of Outsports Twitter comments expressed “discomfort with listening to someone who has embraced an anti-gay preacher discuss the NFL on television.”  

Wow, only 4 percent of Outsports followers reject Zeigler’s Kool-Aid. With its in-your-face alphabet agenda, Outsports hardly qualifies as a credible source on public opinion. 

Moving along, Zeigler faulted Wommack for 10 core points on sexuality coming directly from God’s Word. Among those points are statements from Genesis, Leviticus, Romans and others that “God instituted marriage between male and female as the foundation of the family and the basic structure of human society,” and “God has commanded that no sexual activity be committed other than in the context of marriage between a man and a woman,” and others. 

Brown’s “crime” is that he enjoys ministering with Wommack. 

It’s horrible that these two heretics to LGBTQABCD orthodoxy are going to be front-and-center during the NFL Playoffs the next three weekends, Zeigler moans. Mainstream America does confirm them and their religious freedom.