President Meandering & Confused While Honoring Atlanta Braves

September 27th, 2022 12:52 PM

To use a baseball analogy on President Joe Biden’s Monday reception for the 2021 champion Atlanta Braves, let’s just say he made more than his share of errors. Though his apologists at The Associated Press certainly weren’t going to admit that. 

It was left up to Breitbart to describe the bewildered president’s conduct and behavior. The president “appeared meandering and confused,” throughout the embarrassing celebration, in the words of Breitbart writer Charlie Spiering. So it was a typical day for the prez, business as usual. 

As the team prepared for the obligatory photo with the president, President Biden’s mind was elsewhere. “Well folks, guess we’re going to do something now, that is uh … a reception,” he said. No, it was time for photos. An error. 

Instead of staying focused for the photographers, the president turned away and started yakking at Braves’ players. The photograph shows him starting to leave before the photo shoot had concluded. Another error. 

At one point, the president called for children to come forward to meet him: 

“Guys, c’mere. Everyone under 15, c’mere. C’mon.” 

Biden sweet-talked a girl in the audience and ordered her to come front and center: 

“C’mon, honey. I’ve got a daughter that’s two-team all-state, so c’mon.” 

What this had to do with the reception honoring a World Series championship team is anyone’s guess. President Biden bobbled the ball again. 

“Atlanta is a great sports city — American sports city,” Biden said, overlooking the fact that last year he endorsed the idea of Major League Baseball moving the game from Atlanta to another location. He said then that Georgia’s new voting laws were like “Jim Crow on steroids.” Yet another error. (Meantime, his press secretary was calling on the team to change it's name.)

It was clear throughout the event that President Biden didn’t have the right stuff. Like a manager slowly trudging to the mound to relieve a struggling pitcher, a White House staffer eventually came up to the stage and yanked the president. He retired not to a clubhouse, but to the White House. 

And this is the so-called “leader of the free world,” barely making it through a celebration with a baseball team. 

None of the president’s struggles were mentioned by his woke friends at the Associated Press. Instead, this liberal news service focused on how White House visits “were highly charged in the previous administration. Many athletes took issue with President Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric on policing, immigration and more. Trump, for his part, didn’t take kindly to criticism from athletes or their on-field expressions of political opinion. Under Biden, the tradition appears to be back.” 

AP’s reporters saw only what they wanted to see, and they missed the president’s blundering errors. Chalk it up to an inconvenient truth for the left-stream media.