Sports Blogger Triggered That NBA Blacks Had To Play After Buffalo Shooting

May 17th, 2022 12:33 PM

Sports can only serve as an escape from society if a person is white, race-baiting sports blogger Carron Phillips wrote in response to the horrific Buffalo shooting. The Deadspin writer practically convicted white people everywhere of the shooting that left 10 black dead. 

Phillips also wrote it’s incomprehensible that majority black NBA teams were forced to play the final games of their conference championship series Sunday, the day after Payton Gendron, an 18-year-old white man, shot up a grocery store: 

“Black America was shaken to its core because we’ve now realized that a grocery store on ‘our side of town’ has become the latest place where we can be killed just for existing, Black players from the Celtics, Bucks, Suns, and Mavericks had to play in a win-or-go-home game to advance to the conference finals, despite the feelings that all of us were experiencing. And yet, no one seemed to care or ask them about it. It was clear that basketball mattered, but not black lives or the black psyche so much.” 

Phillips claimed that Saturday’s murders also prove America’s 2020 “racial awakening” did not fix hundreds of years of racism. Sunday’s NBA Eastern and Western Conference finals supposedly “prove that awakening was only a brief moment of pseudo-accountability that’s passed.” 

Sunday’s NBA games also proved that the humanity of its players no longer matters, the screed continued. Phoenix and Boston, which had teams playing in Sunday’s NBA playoffs, were castigated for their white populations, 68 and 52 percent respectively. Phillips, who 13 days ago wrote that white male athletes should kneel for abortion rights, hypocritically indicated that pre-born children’s lives don’t matter.: 

“Players aren’t getting asked how they feel about things outside of 94 feet (the length of basketball courts) after games as much. It’s as if basketball, or whatever sport they play, is all that should matter to them. Sideline reporters aren’t asking them about Roe v. Wade or if their loved ones are scared to go to the grocery store like they used to.” 

Phillips’ gunnysack of racial hate still had not been emptied. He said Charlottesville happened twice, Dylann Roof shot up a Bible study in a black church. “And despite how Republicans may want you to remember it, January 6th wasn’t ‘overblown.’ Never forget that Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man.” 

Black athletes in America competing in high-level sports know the majority of the people in attendance do not believe their life matters, but reporters don’t acknowledge that, Phillips blathered on. 

It appears that Phillips would prefer America revive the whole Black Lives Matter mentality and saturate sports with more social justice shenanigans like anthem kneeling and boycotts. Just as we saw in 2020 when the narrative of “systemic racism” was all the rage.