Kingdom Crumbling: Curry Rejects Idea Of James Joining Golden State

April 7th, 2022 2:18 PM

LeBron JamesThe “kingdom” is crumbling. LeBron “King” James is playing for a losing team in Los Angeles, and his pattern when that happens is to jump ship. He says he would like to play with Steph Curry and Golden State, but with the King gaining more and more detractors, the feeling is not reciprocal. 

The Lakers are a terrible mess, and when asked on his own internet show, The Uninterrupted, who he’d like to play for, James said: 

Um, In today’s game, Steph Curry. Steph Curry’s the one I want to play with.

Interviewed by a Bay Area radio station that played the tape of James, Curry looked down, doubled over in laughter and quickly shot down the idea of LeBron moving his tiresome act to Golden State.”: 

I’m good right now ... 

Why wouldn’t Curry shoot it down? James would virtually take over a team that is 50-29 without him and mess up its chemistry with his “I’m the boss” mentality. 

Exposing James is becoming fashionable. Curry is cool to playing with James. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson are criticizing him. Among the media, Clay Travis has exposed James’ worn-out M.O. 

Four years ago, James moved to the Lakers to team up with Anthony Davis and form the next NBA dynasty. They’ve only won one title, and they will not be eligible for the upcoming playoffs. James has twice left Cleveland to create super powers elsewhere, and he also left Miami. 

It’s all about James’s selfish self, and people see right through him. Appearing on ESPN, Magic Johnson slammed James for the Lakers’ lost season. The team tried to land MVP candidate Demar Derozan this year, but James insisted on acquiring Russell Westbrook instead, and what the King wants the King gets. L.A. acquired Westbrook, the move didn’t pan out and the season was lost. 

Johnson did what used to be unthinkable: He criticized James. “The blame that he’s (LeBron) got to take is the fact that Derozan ended up in Chicago, and not with the Lakers. 

“Derozan wanted to play for the Lakers and when I got the call from his agent, I called the Lakers and said he wants to come home and Derozan could have been a Laker instead of a Bull. We could have made that deal but when Russell and LeBron start talking, that’s when they nixed that deal and went with Westbrook and he became a Laker instead of Derozan.” 

If James had not gotten his way on those players acquisitions, L.A. might be playing for the NBA championship this season, Johnson added. 

So, why then, would the Warriors welcome James coming in, taking over the team and dictating its actions? Why would any winning team welcome the self-centered James ruining their chemistry? 

Radio broadcaster Clay Travis said, “This is an unmitigated disaster for arguments about LeBron James’ legacy.” 

Abdul-Jabbar recently questioned James’ behavior, too, saying some of the things he’s done are beneath him. 

These are unprecedented times when the formerly unquestioned face of the NBA is no longer above criticism within the league. Outside the league, the King has long alienated basketball fans with his silence on China, his radical social justice activism, his dictation to the league that when his son joins the NBA he will only play with his team and unjustified ridicule of police officers. Winning titles doesn’t even satisfy James, who said following the Lakers’ last title that he wants his “damn respect.”  

May the kingdom continue to crumble. May someone other than James become the face of the NBA.