Deadspin Race-Baiter Fumes After Corporate Blackmail Fails to Relocate The Masters

April 7th, 2021 6:25 PM

The Masters golf tournament begins Thursday and, writing over at Deadspin, FS1 blowhard Rob Parker blew a gasket that it’s taking place in Augusta, Georgia. He blamed corporations for failing to apply enough pressure on the PGA to get it to move the tournament somewhere else in protest of the state’s new voter integrity law.

Corporate hardball got Major League Baseball to switch its summer All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, and Parker wanted Georgia to lose the Masters, too.

But, as one would have it, the PGA doesn't actually run The Masters. Rather, The Masters runs its own tournament. So, nice try, Rob! Nonetheless, we'll continue to dissect his fruitless attempt.

Parker called the PGA "tone deaf" and said it was living in the "stone ages" for refusing to take a stand against a new Georgia election law that he falsely claims will "suppress the Black and brown vote." Note to Parker: the PGA does not own the Masters golf tournament. This inconvenient fact did nothing to stop him from blasting the PGA anyway.

Screaming that “responsible companies and entities” pushed back on the new law, Parker slammed the PGA for playing through as if nothing is wrong:

That event, those people, mostly think they are still in the 50s, watching Leave It To Beaver on TV. Sadly, that’s still the world they live in.

It’s the sport that loved the sick and twisted imagery — all the golfers were white and all the caddies had to be Black.

Masters, indeed.

It could have been a great moment, if only the PGA hadn’t "swung and missed," Parker wailed. “The PGA could have truly come out of the stone ages had it stood up to Georgia governor Brian Kemp.” Rebuking the PGA and taking golf’s "crown jewel" away from Georgia would have "sent shockwaves to those pushing this unjust agenda against the masses that don’t look like them.”

Instead of encouraging civil debate on the merits of the law, Parker perpetuates media hysteria and demands corporate blackmail over what it doesn’t do. Think Washington Post and its four Pinocchios for President Joe Biden and his lies about the Georgia law. The leftist approach to the law is ready-shoot-aim.

The screaming and the corporate threats that Parker wants in Georgia worked well with the Washington Redskins last year. They succumbed to deep-pocketed team sponsors who threatened to withhold their money if the team refused to change its name. The loss of revenue “did the trick” in Washington, and the same thing should have happened with the Masters, Parker demanded.

Shame on the golfers, too. “They should push back on their sport that refuses to recognize that there are bigger fish to fry in the world, that missing an event on principle is a good thing,” Parker wrote. “Often for change, there’s a sacrifice. And the notion that the PGA shouldn’t be concerned, because it doesn’t directly affect its white fan base, is total nonsense. It’s not about Black and white. It’s about right and wrong.” Says one of the sports media's foremost "everything's about race" champions.

Fortunately, golfers aren’t beholden to the woke mob. Or to Black Lives Matter and the social justice protests plaguing team sports.