Jason Johnson Smears 'Anti-Black Scolds' as TV Mouthpieces For ‘Joe Sixpack’ Racists

January 3rd, 2021 6:14 PM

It pays to be an "anti-black scold" on television, writes Dr. Jason Johnson, an MSNBC contributor and professor of politics and journalism at Morgan State University, in a sports screed on The Grio Jan. 1 that was picked up by Yahoo. His excoriation of so-called scolds centers on ESPN’s Booger McFarland, but also includes African Americans Sage Steele, Stephen A. Smith and the "granddaddy" of them all -- Jason Whitlock, of Outkick.

McFarland (seen in photo) ignited a firestorm among left-wing media social justice warriors after he criticized African American quarterback Dwayne Haskins, recently released by Washington’s NFL team. McFarland slammed the young player for focusing on his brand and not taking his responsibilities as a pro quarterback seriously enough. He said the same was true of Jamarcus Russell, another quarterback who wasted his talent and quickly flamed out of the NFL in 2010. Russell was actually called the biggest draft bust in history by Steve Wyche, of NFL.com.

One could rightfully say that Whitlock and McFarland are calling Black athletes, like LeBron James and the aforementioned, to higher standards. But those are fighting words spoken by infidels in the chilled air of the Black Lives Matter climate when one narrative and one narrative only is acceptable in the realm of the left-stream media.

Dr. Johnson’s piece says the anti-Black scolds represent a certain subset of African American sports personalities:

“McFarland’s recent rant against quarterback Dwayne Haskins represents a pattern of Black anchors and analysts giving a Black face to opinions held by racist white fans. … It pays to be the anti-Black scold on sports television.”



These sports media reps are anti-Black mouthpieces for the “Joe Sixpack sports fan, who’s resented every Black athlete since Michael Jordan’s retirement,” Dr. Johnson contends.

For instance, ESPN First Take's Stephen A. Smith can be counted on to make an "uninformed concern trolling attack on Colin Kaepernick and his movement against police brutality."

ESPN's Sage Steele is available to provide a Black face to criticize Black colleagues, Black Lives Matter, and “even protests against Trump’s Muslim ban and parrot the inherently racist ‘stick to sports’ mantra.”

These remarks by Dr. Johnson were just a preliminary set-up for his primary target:

“Of course, the granddaddy of the anti-Black sports scold is Jason Whitlock, who’s gone full Uncle Ruckus, blaming every problem in basketball and football on Black people, (never the nearly 100% white ownership across the various leagues) and essentially going full MAGA by last year.”

Dr. Johnson accuses Whitlock of waging a relentless attack on Black people and writes “his shameless bojangling for white conservative patronage (his word not mine) knows no bounds. …”

Whitlock is a man who’s been accused by The Nation sports commie Dave Zirin of blaming Black people for being shot by the police and advocated recruiting “Whites Only” NFL teams. 

“Being the anti-Black sports scold is a lucrative profession if your soul and conscience can deal with it,” Dr. Johnson says.

These condemnations demonstrate why, to reasoned thinkers, Whitlock is considered courageous, if not fearless. He has exposed pro athletes for demonstrating for, and boycotting games for, criminals like Jacob Blake. He exposed Lebron James as a poor face for the NBA and one who has run off fans.

Whitlock and others like him stand out in the crowd and deserve respect for attacking the flawed, baseless narratives of the group thinkers on the far Left.