LeBron James, The Guardian Pile On Trump After Biden Declared Winner

November 9th, 2020 2:22 PM

If a sports analogy can be used to describe America's presidential election it would be "the play is under further review." However, high-profile Trump-hating athletes are already claiming "the ruling on the field stands." Even though recounts and legal challenges have not been resolved.

The most notable reactions to the election are coming from the loudest mouth: social justice king LeBron James. He's happier with the presumed election results than he was with the Los Angeles Lakers' recent NBA championship, when he grumbled about needing his "damn respect."

Though Trump won a slam dunk in James's home state of Ohio, the often sullen basketball star lightened up considerably over the election. The Democrat basketball player tweeted a video of himself smoking a victory cigar.



James also posted a photo of Joe Biden's face super-imposed on his body soaring over a foe bearing the super-imposed face of an anguished Trump.



Additionally, James reposted film-maker Ava DuVernay's tweet, a photo of Trump with the words "You're fired!" super-imposed over him.

The feud between Trump and James (reacting to Trump supporters' criticism in above photo) has been well documented. James once called the president a "bum" in a tweet, and supporters of the president attending a recent campaign rally chanted "LeBron James sucks!"

In a classic overstatement, Joel Embid of the Philadelphia 76ers thanked America for trusting the process. That's right, the most corrupt mess of an election process this country has ever seen! LOL!



A former basketball player, Dawn Staley, congratulated her home town of Philadelphia for, according to The Guardian's Tom Lutz, helping Biden carry Pennsylvania and win the election. “IT JUST HAPPENED! #PHILLYSTANDUP #WHATMATTERS,”

A judge will be ruling on how much of that help was actually legal or not.

The outrageous soccer star Megan Rapinoe, known as much for her hatred of Trump as her soccer exploits, thanked black women for supporting Biden.

The Guardian posted the comments of athletes opposed to Biden, too.

“The media state has declared Joe Biden the President. I wonder when trump gonna drop the hammer to fix the scorecard?” wrote MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal.

Retired baseball player Aubrey Huff accused the media of “premature ejaculation” in calling the election for Biden, along with this comment: "Congrats to @JoeBiden for your record breaking victory! Machines, black sharpies, big tech, social media companies, & China will be pleased.”

The Guardian story ended with a bizarre anti-Trump appeal for reader support by declaring:

America has chosen Joe Biden ...

... to be the 46th president of the United States. The American people have disavowed four years of a thuggish presidency. They have chosen decency over dysfunction, fact over fiction, truth over lies, and empathy over cruelty. They have rejected the last four years of ugliness, divisiveness, racism and sustained assaults on constitutional democracy. And even as Trump plots legal challenges and levies unfounded claims of fraud, it is clear America is moving on.

Now, the real work begins.

The Guardian says many things in America need fixing, including a stark racial wealth gap, school segregation, corrosive inequality, a climate crisis and a democratic deficit at the heart of America’s electoral college. The new president will also need to fix a broken healthcare system, restore the role of science in government, address corrosive racial bias in the schools, criminal justice system and other institutions and question the unchecked power of corporations and Big Tech.

That's odd. The last time we checked, Big Tech was censoring Trump and conservatives, proving helpful to the Biden campaign.