Jason Whitlock Talks to Mark Levin, Exposes 'Useful Idiot' Athletes Who Don't Understand BLM

July 20th, 2020 10:00 AM

Jason WhitlockOutkick The Coverage blogger/commentator Jason Whitlock wowed Mark Levin Friday in explaining to him how clueless professional athletes are when it comes to the Marxist anarchist Black Lives Matter movement they are supporting. Whitlock also stated that LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick are "useful idiots," a reference to Vladimir Lenin's strategy of spreading communist propaganda through uninformed people who don't fully comprehend the agenda.

During the Mark Levin Show, the conservative host asked Whitlock, “Do these [NFL and NBA] players know they are embracing a Marxist-anarchist movement?

Whitlock qualified his reply by explaining how sports have always been a driver of American culture:

"Being the No. 1 show on five television networks, the NFL is the most important thing in popular culture, and arguably in American culture. The enemies of America have figured that out, and they put a plan together, they've executed over the last 15 years, to infiltrate the sports world and move American culture through the sports world. This isn't something that's come out of nowhere. These seeds have been planted and are coming to blossom: Colin Kaepernick, just a useful idiot; LeBron James, just a useful idiot."

Social media and Nike are also indicted by Whitlock, along with America's enemies. Young athletes coming out of high school and college to make millions of dollars are attracted to social media and "have no idea what they're involved in, how they're being manipulated and used," Whitlock says. A lot of them are tied to Nike through shoe and apparel endorsements, and Nike has strong ties to communist China and slave labor.

Whitlock told Levin that communists have always smeared the U.S. as racists and now "Kaepernick and James are the leaders in smearing America as racist." Meanwhile, Nike is giving China a pass on its human rights abuses.

Levin was floored by Whitlock's perspective and asked him about the narrative of "systemic racism," which activist athletes never define.

"They're just repeating a quote they read in a column or a book that Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote and he used the term 'systemic racism,' " Whitlock responded. "Anything that happens here that's unfair to black people ... well, that's systemic racism. And the truth doesn't matter. Social media over the last, what, seven years, has promoted the narrative that the police are just out randomly killing black people."

None of the evidence backs up this narrative, Whitlock points out. But social media, Twitter in particular, and the mainstream media are addicted to that narrative and promote it through anecdotes: "As to the police brutality narrative they've been running through social media, it just doesn't stand up against the facts and evidence. ..."

Whitlock says:

"All of this chaos we're experiencing is (from) seeds that were planted years ago, activist journalists being planted in all these major media institutions, and now you power them, you amplify them and their voices through Twitter. You have a bunch of young confused people that are just following the Twitter groupthink. And if you stray from that course and if you say 'hey, hey, I think they're lying', if you're black they're gonna call you a 'sellout' and a 'coon.' If you're white they're gonna call you 'racist,' so people stand down and don't fight back because they don't wanna be smeared that way."

When people have been convinced that the most important thing about them is skin color, they're going to dwell on racism, Whitlock states. "Period. End of discussion. And social media has helped promote the idea that either your race identity or your sexual identity is the most important part of you."

This is identity politics at its worst, and it's dangerous to black people specifically, Whitlock claims. Why? Because African Americans have a long history of being the most religious people in America and identity politics are disconnecting them from their faith-based point of view. Whitlock says:

"And we've been given our race and Democratic politics. That's what defines you. The only way to be black is to embrace Democratic politics. Joe Biden was not kidding when he said, 'If you don't vote for me, you ain't black.' People got upset with Biden, but hell, black people will tell you the same damn thing. If you don't support the Democratic Party lock, stock and barrel, you're not black."

Levin concluded the interview by calling Whitlock "a national treasure," and said his "listeners of all races are cheering you on. Thank you, man, and God bless you, Jason Whitlock. Wow! was he not impressive, Mr. Producer?"