America Hater Kaepernick to 'Lead Discussion' on Race for 'Medium' Site

June 19th, 2020 7:00 AM

Colin Kaepernick, leftColin Kaepernick spewed volumes of hate and anger with his knee during the 2016 NFL season, and the America hater is about to rev up the volume on his rhetoric through a San Francisco publishing company. Kaepernick will join Medium's board of directors in addition to writing about race and civil rights.

Bloomberg reported Thursday that Kaepernick, for five seasons a quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers until he left the team in the spring of 2017, is linking his personal publishing label with the blogging and essay platform Medium and joining its board. Kaepernick's radical politics since the start of the 2016 NFL season turned off many football fans, and teams have avoided him like the plague.

Medium announced that Kaepernick Publishing will create feature content focused on race and civil rights. If his Twitter account is any indication, this content could be highly inflammatory.

Bloomberg reported:

“We’ve been in talks with Colin for some time, and we are honored to be electing him to join our board,' Medium Chief Executive Ev Williams said in the statement. 'Colin’s voice and actions have led the discussion on racial justice, and the world is finally catching up to him.”

To help those slow Americans catch up to him, Kaepernick will write stories, collaborate on features and conduct interviews for its race-focused Level outlet and the recently launched civil rights blog Momentum, according to Bloomberg.

Kaepernick Publishing tweet

Kaepernick (seen kneeling above right with former teammate Eric Reid in photo) expressed excitement about working with Medium to elevate black voices in news and publishing. “I also look forward to creating new opportunities and avenues for black writers and creators with my new role as a board member,” he said.

Bloomberg also writes that "Kaepernick’s activism is getting new consideration amid the national reckoning on race that has followed the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell  apologized for not listening to protesting players, and encouraged teams to give Kaepernick a chance to try out."

Additional new consideration is coming from the nation's Kaepernick critic-in-chief, President Donald Trump, Bloomberg's report continues. The president remains opposed to athletes kneeling during the national anthem, but recently he said Kaepernick should have an opportunity to play. In an interview with Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., Trump said, “If he has the playing ability. He was — he started off great, and then he didn’t end up very great in terms of as a player.”

Last year the former football pariah formed Kaepernick Publishing LLC, to "create opportunities for Black and Brown writers, authors, and creators to control their narratives and retain ownership," he said. In February he announced he's writing his autobiography.

Williams says, "I met Colin a couple years ago and have been wanting to work with him ever since. When he launched Kaepernick Publishing in February, we started a conversation and quickly realized how closely our ideals and sensibilities align. I know he will bring valuable insights and leadership to Medium.

"I couldn't be more happy to welcome Colin to Medium. He's an incisive, independent thinker, whose integrity has inspired so many. The world needs more of that."

If the past is prologue to Kaepernick's forthcoming writings, look out. Among the so-called "valuable insights" Kaepernick has shared with the public while "leading the discussion on racial justice" in the past were his portrayals of police officers as pigs and "runaway slave patrol" and questioning America as the land of the free.