Blogger Likens Tebow to Convicted Actress Felicity Huffman for 'White Privilege'

September 17th, 2019 10:00 AM

Media disdain for model citizen Tim Tebow is so ridiculous that on Monday Carron J. Phillips, of The Shadow League blog, compared him to law-breaking actress Felicity Huffman. She got 14 days in jail, a $30,000 fine and community service for conspiracy to fix her daughter's SAT scores. Tebow, who angered the Left by going on ESPN Friday to say he opposes pay for college athletes, is "convicted" with Huffman, by Phillips, for the high crime of "white privilege."

Phillips gives the two a royal scalding in his post:

"The worst part of white privilege is its audacity.

"It’s a learned belief system that is rooted in superiority and inequality.

“'I’m better than you because of the color of my skin, and my experiences are the only ones that deserve merit.'”

Huffman was the first person in a conspiracy that included 34 "rich, and mostly white, parents" to get sentenced for paying thousands of dollars to improve their children’s chances of admittance to elite colleges and universities, Phillips writes.

For not following left-wing entitlement orthodoxy on the push for college athletes to get paid, Tebow is declared just as guilty as the actress. "Like Huffman, Tebow’s mentality also focuses on wealth, and who should be allowed to take advantage of its benefits," Phillips adds.

On ESPN Friday, Tebow said people are more passionate about amateur college sports than they are about the NFL professionals. His grandfather dreamed of Tebow's alma mater Florida winning a Southeast Conference championship, college kids weren't there to earn a dollar and he doesn't believe collegians should get paid. He also expressed opposition to California's Fair Pay to Play Act that calls for college athletes to make money off their own name, image and likeness, starting in 2023.

Phillips is awfully concerned about skin color and says, "Like Huffman and Tebow, the people that run the NCAA aren’t hurting for money, and are white." It's a billion-dollar nonprofit and can afford to pay athletes, he says.

Ratcheting up his contempt for Tebow, Phillips ridicules him for believing "that student-athletes don’t deserve compensation because he didn’t want, or need, it when he was winning Heisman trophies and national championships at the University of Florida, due to his affluent upbringing." And for being a phony Christian:

"Tebow is not the humble Bible-toting Jesus freak he claims to be. He understands that football is a team sport, and the success he achieved on the field had a lot to do with the talented men of color he played with that elevated his game. Many of those men came from humble beginnings, and would have benefitted from making money off their likeness. That not only makes Tebow fake, but also a hypocrite."

By thinking her child, a daughter born into wealth, was disadvantaged, Huffman displayed "the thinking of a narcissist whose actions oppressed and affected people of color.

"That mindset is what makes white privilege so dangerous. It’s an entitlement that tries to erase the concepts of race and socioeconomics, and the obstacles that people of color have historically been forced to hurdle."

Certain facts about Tebow escaped Phillips' attention, however. Tebow was born into a missionary family in the Philippines, not on beach-front property. His father Richard founded an orphanage there. Tim (in above photo with orphan children) raised money for a pediatric center in Gainesville, Fla., and along with CURE International, built a children's hospital in the Philippines. He is very active in promoting the welfare of others through his Tebow Foundation, which seeks to "bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need."

Does that sound like someone skating by on white privilege and demonstrating false piety? Or someone who continues to wear a target for hateful media on the Left, extending back to his time in the NFL?