Vice Frets Voting Is Hard for....Trans People?!?

November 3rd, 2022 1:11 PM

The left loves talking about how minority groups cannot vote on their own, and they need all sorts of special aids granted by magnanimous progressives to manage the fundamental act of democracy. So it is hardly surprising that VICE now has a piece regarding trans people and this topic. 

The piece by Anya Zoledziowski entitled "Tens of Thousands of Trans People Could Be Barred From Voting Against Anti-Trans Politicians" opened with: “Thousands of transgender voters may have a hard time casting a ballot in next month’s elections — or won’t get to vote at all — which, in turn, could prevent many from voting for their own fate at a time when the Republican Party is ruthlessly pursuing anti-trans policies.”

Of course, Zoledziowski brought up the barriers relating to identification like "issues with updating IDs, strict voter ID laws in some states." 

She also wrote that trans people may experience “incidents of anti-trans harassment and intimidation at the polls that could deter them from voting..”

Jeez, such a dismal view of fellow Americans to think this would happen. 

Zoledziowski appeared to be attempting to use these points to argue for increased mail-in voting: “Just under 700,000 eligible trans voters live in states where voting is primarily done in person, as opposed to by mail, which exposes them to ID scrutiny and puts them at risk of harassment.”

Typical use of marginalized groups as tools to get what they want. 

Zoledziowski also wrote about intersectionality: “Trans folks who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, low-income, students, or unhoused are more likely to face voting barriers than their white and well-off counterparts.”

It always comes down to this. The piece is such a predictable adherence to the social justice playbook.