Colbert: Whiny Kathy Griffin Is ‘Indefatigable’

December 10th, 2018 1:05 PM

Where do you go to find solace if you’re an actress who’s perpetrated a tasteless, gory publicity stunt? The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Kathy Griffin, a comedian who became a household name only after her infamous photoshoot where she grasped the hair of a disembodied, bloody model of President Trump’s head, was welcomed by CBS’s Stephen Colbert on Dec. 7. Most of her interview consisted of her explaining how difficult Trump -- not she -- had made her life following the photoshoot. Griffin recounted what took place in the hours following her posting the photo, which Colbert generously referred to as “controversial”:

So yes, I took a photo that changed my life irrevocably, and that was one thing … the accidental president … he tweeted against me, which made everything cancel in my life, basically. I was in the middle of a 50 city tour and within 12 hours I did not have a single day of work ahead of me … two federal agencies, the Secret Service and the AUSA … were putting me under a two month investigation … And of course I got fired, everybody knows CNN turned on me, and Anderson Cooper said I was ‘disgusting,’ and I lost about 75% of my friends who never came back …

So it’s everybody’s fault but hers. Griffin also didn’t seem to understand that her behavior, not the President’s tweet, could have possibly been to blame for the widespread backlash that she received: “I thought this picture was gonna be in, like, ‘Stars Not Normal,’ or the Star Magazine!”



And Griffin still felt no remorse after the repercussions: “...I couldn’t get any work in my country of origin, so I started an overseas tour called the ‘Kathy Griffin Laugh Your Head Off Tour!’ Get it?” She forgot to mention that she also opened an online store dedicated to housewares which bear “F*** Trump.”

And for all this, Colbert was impressed, telling Griffin that he likes “people who are indefatigable.”