MRCTV Interview: Matt Walsh On The Importance Of Standing Up To Leftist School Boards

September 30th, 2021 3:29 PM

The Daily Wire commentator and new Loudoun County, Virginia resident Matt Walsh decided to voice his concern about pernicious transgender policies that have been enacted in Loudoun County schools at a county school board meeting on September 28.

MRC spoke to Walsh ahead of his speech at a rally in opposition to the Loudoun County School Board’s policies and ahead of his own address to the school board at their headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia. The popular conservative columnist explained why it was important to stand up against this child abuse, which is not only destroying our young children in public school and destroying their parents’ right to a say in what their kids are being taught, it’s also denying the truth about biology.

“Parents’ rights matter, children matter, the safety of our children matters, the truth matters, and we can’t just cede all those things to the school boards and let them decide what our kids are going to be taught,” Walsh told us. He added that parents’ battle with the school is a fight that will affect “ultimately, the fate and direction of the country.”

This new transgender policy adopted by LCPS this past August is titled Policy: 8040. It allows school kids to refer to themselves by their preferred pronouns, compels faculty and other students to refer to their pronouns, and allows students to use locker rooms and bathrooms according to the gender they identify with.

We asked Walsh whether these types of polices are “child abuse,” and he claimed they are. “They are certainly child abuse,” he declared. “Number one, we are taking basic privacy and safety away from kids in the locker rooms and bathrooms,” he stated, adding, “What they’re saying is that a girl has to go into a locker room and get undressed in front of a guy, or tolerate as a boy undresses in front of her.”

“On a deeper level, it’s psychologically abusive,” he continued. “When a child is confused about who they are -- their basic identity -- the correct thing is to lovingly correct them, to affirm them in the truth.”

On another note, we asked Walsh about another controversy which sprang up in the wake of his initial announcement to speak at the LCPS school board meeting. After hearing Walsh would be speaking, the board changed the rules a couple days ahead of the meeting as to who was qualified to attend, making it so that only Loudoun County residents could speak.

In a hilarious work-around, Walsh signed a lease and rental agreement for Loudoun County property just days prior to the meeting so he could speak. In jest we asked if his new Loudoun County residency was a “coincidence” and he played along. “Just like they changed the rules before I showed up was a ‘coincidence,’ they said … coincidentally I just happened to decide to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a Loudoun County resident,” he quipped. 

Well we’re honored to welcome Matt as a new Virginian. Hopefully he can move up here anytime there’s another LCPS board meeting looking to take advantage of our kids. 

WATCH our interview with Matt Walsh above.