‘Open Businesses and Churches’: Mandalorian Star Body SLAMS Lockdown Orders

September 9th, 2020 12:09 PM

After bashing the BLM group think mob who accused her of being a racist, Star Wars star Gina Carano has gone and laid the smackdown on excessive coronavirus lockdown orders.

Carano, who plays former rebel shock trooper-turned mercenary Cara Dune in Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” took to Twitter last week to demand people to “open up your businesses and churches” so that they can get control of their lives. 

Clearly, Carano is no fan of six months of ordered lockdowns.

On September 6, Carano tweeted, “Open up your businesses and churches. Put whatever regulations you want to because that is your right but open them up.” She sure has an outsider’s perspective in Hollywood. Advocating for Americans to rely on their own freedom and common sense in order to navigate the Chinese virus is not something famous blue checks are often seen doing.

The actress then got a little snarky with her call to freedom, adding, “You’re telling me Covid-19 knows the difference between a protest or praise and worship[?]” Carano really gets it. Black Lives Matter drones can go out and “protest” in the streets all hours of the night with the local government’s blessing, but having 50 people socially-distanced in a place of worship is a health risk?

Carano then quipped, “I haven’t even been to church in over a decade but I sure would go now.”

In a subsequent tweet, Carano hammered the lockdown enforcers even harder, saying that Americans have a “right” to work and that the fact that many of them are just sitting at home with nothing to do is catastrophic for its own reasons.

“The world IS open but no one is allowed to work,” she wrote, adding, “Working is a right you, as an American have.” Rights? What are those? We are all just waiting for government mandates and handouts, Gina. 

She explained that work “gives us purpose, focus, pride and most importantly a way to support the ones we love.” Well that’s a pretty noble description of work, something the “peaceful” BLM/Antifa protester with too much time on their hands could afford to internalize a bit. 

The Star Wars actress then gave the counterargument to the line that the lockdowns keep us safe, saying that depression, overdoses, and suicide are affecting many stuck indoors. “People are dropping like flies from depression and suicide, overdoses, MURDER. Enough already,” she concluded. 

Carano has taken brave stances on social media before. Last month the actress was accused of being a “fuckin’ racist” for posting and admiring an historical photo of a lone man refusing to salute Nazi leaders while his comrades did. Online trolls assumed this was her way of saying she wouldn’t partake in Black Lives Matter virtue signaling and harassed her for it. Carano refused to back down and grovel to the gods of racial justice, calling the trolls “cowards and bullies.”

For a Hollywood actress, she’s pretty brave.