'Mission Impossible' Star Simon Pegg Tells BLM Critics to ‘Shut the F*** Up’

July 1st, 2020 6:23 PM

The Black Lives Matter movement has produced such passion and zeal in its proponents that once-normal citizens have become such raving lunatics in service to its mantras that they are willing to crush your ability to disagree with their beliefs. 

It’s almost as if BLM has become a religion for the leftist elite. The latest Hollywood casualty of this racial brainwashing is sci-fi and action film star Simon Pegg. The Brit has become the latest example of uncompromising loyalty to the Black Lives Matter movement, delivering a message to anyone who expresses doubt on the tenets of his new faith. The message is simple: “Shut the fuck up.”

Yeah, that’s as far as the discussion’s going to go, even if your business got torched in the process, don’t question BLM’s mission at large, just “Shut the fuck up.”

Clearly the Star Trek and Hot Fuzz star didn’t pull any punches during his interview with U.K. outlet The Observer. Of course, the interview was intended to go over Pegg’s upcoming Mission Impossible 7 role and his new film Lost Transmission, but lefty politics are always a hot topic with the Hollywood crowd these days.

The outlet prompted Pegg on his views on the drama with coronavirus lockdowns and they also discussed the latest wave of Black Lives Matter protests that have swept through the U.K. Pegg claimed that he had been doing his own work to educate himself on being a proper ally to the black community in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, mentioning meetings he has been having with Cephas Williams, the leader of a BLM-style group called 56 Black Men

The aim of Williams’ group is “to dramatically reduce the negative portrayal of black men throughout various forms of mainstream media.” Stateside, groups such as these have pushed for Hollywood to completely alter or even ditch it’s usual portrayal of cops, because of the prevailing myth that they’re systematically abusing African Americans.

Anyways, Pegg expressed that he’s fully onboard with the BLM awakening, though his attitude took on a more aggressive tone than someone promoting peace and racial harmony would. Adamant, the actor told The Observer that “Anyone that’s complaining about it [BLM] should just shut the f*** up because it’s time.” So it is, huh?

Pegg added, “The film industry would be such a healthier, more interesting place if there were more voices, different stories, different experiences.” Interesting appeal to diversity, when his initial thought on the matter proposed complete compliance to the new point-of view; one that sells the myth of black people being hunted down by racist cops.

Not to mention the fact that the Black Lives Matter organization also promotes beliefs that are contrary to Christian teaching, like the dissolution of the traditional family, the promotion of homosexuality, trans life, and all the other LGBTQ forms. But, no, guess the large portion of the population that disagrees with that should “shut the fuck up,” right?

And what about the BLM founder being a self-proclaimed “trained Marxist?” Don’t worry about the dangers inherent in that. “Shut the F up.” And what about the BLM leaders who are justifying violence against their innocent neighbors? Again, Pegg’s simple four word answer is still there for you.

Pegg added that the film industry is “so dominated by one particular voice and colour of face, it just perpetuates a bland mono-voiced cultural landscape.” Well, white boy, maybe you should do the world a favor and remove yourself from Mission Impossible 7, and fill the role with a black transgender dwarf that requires wheelchair ramps, because that would sell the spy movie.