Hollywood Bernie Bro Mark Ruffalo Falls in Love With Recent ‘Lincoln Project’ Ad

May 21st, 2020 4:28 PM

In pursuit of “higher-minded,” and “more enlightened” conservative principles, the never-Trump creators of The Lincoln Project have found unlikely allies in the radical left. This week the anti-Trump political action commitee founded by “Republicans” Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt, among others, curried favor with eco-socialist nutcase Mark Ruffalo, who retweeted their anti-Trump attack ad.

Ah yes, catering to the people who hate every lofty norm and principle you pride yourself on holding over the president just so you can revel in a collective “F Trump!” That’s called being a principled conservative right there.

On May 18, the Avengers star and adult Bernie Bro found common ground with a petty anti- Trump attack ad from The Lincoln Project, an official anti-Trump PAC designed by vengeful never-Trumpers like Wilson, former McCain presidential campaign adviser and MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt, and George Conway, the anti-Trump attorney famous for being married to Senior Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway. The group aims to defeat “President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.”

Ruffalo, who absolutely reviles Trump, salivated over the attack ad, which branded the president as the personal grim reaper for each victim of the coronavirus. The 37 second clip -- which these Trump-haters managed to get on Fox News’ channel in order to shame the president and everyone of his supporters -- warned that “10,000 more will die” and that there will be “millions more unemployed” because of Trump’s negligence.

“Here’s what else is coming this week,” the voiceover continued as literal horror movie music played in the background, “he will lie to you, over and over. He will tweet instead of lead. He will blame others for his failures.” Slowly a stern image of the president emerged from the ad’s black backdrop. “Welcome to the next week, and the next week, and the next week, and the next, and the next, until you do something about it,” the piece taunted.

Of course Ruffalo retweeted the ad in an act of solidarity between avowed leftists and closeted leftists. He also commented on the video, claiming, “Some Republicans see the writing on the wall. They are delineating themselves from toxic Trumpism.”

Ah yes, the “writing on the wall” which only these “sensible” Republicans understand. The leftwing media thanks men like Schmidt, Conway, and Wilson for their service to the bash Trump cause. And we’re sure these “men” appreciate being called “prominent Republicans” for the first time in a long time by Wikipedia and the other leftwing folks they’re trying to kiss up to.



Wilson, a Trump-hater extraordinaire, has become a darling of the media and Hollywood left. In addition to making CNN’s Don Lemon laugh with delight by smearing Trump voters as uneducated “boomer rubes” a couple months ago, he caught the attention of tinseltown’s lefty patriarch Rob Reiner for his deranged book.

The actor tweeted out a line from Wilson’s new, very Republican book, writing, “Rick Wilson said: ‘Everything Trump touches, dies.’ His daddy handed him 400 mil. and he pissed it all away. Casinos,University,Steaks,Airline, Water,Foundation. All dead. Now this entitled ignorant sociopath is killing US.”

And it’s not as though Wilson and his fellow “prominent Republicans” have unwanted lefty admirers. They encourage the alliance. Wilson is the “editor-at-large” at radical lefty outlet The Daily Beast. One of his recent pieces involved telling the radical left to never give up on blaming Trump for virus deaths. That way Joe Biden will happen. Steve Schmidt slanders conservatives on MSNBC daily, and we all know how cuckoo Mr. Conway is. Just imagine handing your country over to the pro-infanticide, pro-gun control, and God-hating left and then smiling at your “prominent Republican” self in the mirror. If Trump is destroying America, then what the hell are you doing?