BARF: Vanity Fair Touts John Legend, Chrissy Teigen as ‘First Family We Could Believe in’

October 29th, 2019 3:38 PM

Musician John Legend and his model wife, Chrissy Teigen, claim they don’t like Donald Trump. No surprise there. So how come they’re lending their images and words to a Vanity Fair cover story that’s really about Trump? POTUS, as the saying goes, lives rent-free in a lot of liberal heads, but somehow he got this A-list entertainment couple and a big, glossy magazine to do a spread and feature article that is almost entirely a reaction to him. Well done, Mr. President.

The piece — presented on the mag’s cover as “The First Family We Deserve” (Oh sick burn, you guys!) — gives away its obsession with Trump from the beginning, asking, “Is it because they’re in love that Trump can’t stand them?” Meow!

Besides being an attack on Trump, the article devotes an overabundance of mushy and fawning words to Teigen and Legend. There’s talk of Legend bringing a “decency” and “gravitas” to “every room he enters,” and of Teigen’s heroism because she’s knows how to string together profanities on Twitter to hurl at the president.

Remember, Chrissy Teigen’s ability to type “Pussy Ass Bitch” and tweet it at Trump was the focus of her recent appearance on Ellen and earned her plenty of high fives from media folks. And it was unfair when Trump called her “foul-mouthed.”

It’s all so stupid. The piece delved into how much the couple adores each other, how John is the youngest to achieve the EGOT distinction (“At 40, he is one of the youngest of the 15 people to have earned the honor” of having an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award) and about Chrissy’s 2018 Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year award.” The outlet gushed that the awards ceremony brought “Legend to tears as he described how intimidated his wife of six years used to feel in rooms of influential people.”

Legend has real accomplishments to his name, but it’s hard to take this language seriously when it segue’s into a question as insipid as “How could Trump’s ego withstand the couple’s goodness and glamour?”

Or this sappy garbage: “Legend and Teigen are a reminder of what it was like to have #RelationshipGoals in the White House.” Oh yeah, Vanity Fair, whisk us away to that era of Michelle and Barack, a time that has inexplicably ended up as one of contemporary pop culture’s most celebrated romances. Yuck.

“Wouldn’t they be—with their happy children, the live-in mother-in-law, the dogs!—a first family we could believe in?” Wow, Vanity Fair touting traditional family values? Well when it comes to bashing Trump, anything goes.

The Vanity Fair spread also had the couple get explicitly political, featuring Legend’s classy insult of Melania Trump. Legend, the paragon of “decency,” quipped, “But hasn’t Melania opened the door for anyone to be a first lady? The biggest issue about this presidency is how they’ve just lowered standards for everything.”

Meanwhile Teigen was touting her accomplishments, actually claiming, “Uh, I did Sports Illustrated and covered my boobs with a leaf.” No word on whether she mentioned being the spokeswoman for “Vaginal steaming.” She’s obviously out of Melania’s league.