‘Chanukah Comes Early’: Celebs Salivate Over Impeachment Inquiry

September 24th, 2019 5:53 PM

It’s Impeachment Day! Finally! And don’t let anyone dissuade you, this time it’s going to stick. The liberals in Hollywood are so excited, so ecstatic over the news that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is launching an “Impeachment inquiry” over rumors of Donald Trump’s inappropriate phone call with the leader of Ukraine, that they are making sweeping claims that the president’s goose is cooked.

We’ll see, though we’d probably put our money on the call that this one’s going to end the same way it always has, with Hollywood putting its foot in its mouth once again as it dawns on them that Trump’s going nowhere.

Actor and director Rob Reiner got all hot and bothered by the news, tweeting out a very smug and confident statement about this being the end for Trump. He wrote, “The handwriting’s in [sic] the wall. The dam is breaking. The fat lady is singing. The Liar’s goin’ down.”

Well, any bit of serious impeachment conjecture is like an oasis in the desert for a thirsty Reiner. The man tweets every day about the president being removed and hopes this “whistleblower” drama will finally be his vindication. In another tweet, the obsessed actor urged anti-Trump politicians to “honor their oaths to our Constitution or be relegated to the dust bin of History.”

Careful, Rob, we know you’re full of it, but don’t make even more ridiculous with predictions like this.

Woke director of Disney’s latest lame rendition of A Wrinkle in Time Ava DuVernay praised Democratic Congressman John Lewis’ call for Trump’s impeachment. The director tweeted, “For the record, Congressman Lewis will be standing on the right side of history when all is said and done. He’s very familiar with that side.” Oh, right, I guess we'll just ignore his history of race-baiting and calling his political opponents Nazis.

Abortion-apologist and Second Amendment hater - oh, and part-time actress - Alyssa Milano tweeted out the news as if it were something extraordinarily big rather than the everyday delusions of a political party which lives to hate Trump.

Sharing The Washington Post’s claim that Pelosi will move forward with impeachment, Milano screeched, “FORMAL IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY HAPPENING!!! FORMAL IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY HAPPENING! FORMAL IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY HAPPENING!” Yes, any bit of hope, no matter how small, can keep this hate train going.

Rosie O’Donnell tweeted that impeachment was all but a done deal, and also coined what could be a new TDS holiday. She wrote, “happy impeachment inquiry day AMERICA!! A new national holiday perhaps - 9/24/19 #thankGOD.” She also posted a picture of her latest anti-Trump artwork with the President looking very orange and the word “DOOMED” written on it. How deranged does one have to be when they need a holiday for an inquiry?

And the sourpuss producer behind Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Andy Lassner, tweeted that Pelosi’s inquiry was “Chanukah” coming “early.” He also tweeted his praise for the woman finally stepping up, writing, “Today is the day Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House.” Yeah, and what happens when nothing comes of this?