Jill Filipovic Womansplains Pro-Life Movement: Not About Lives, But ‘Misogyny’

August 22nd, 2019 5:00 PM

You pro-lifers say you care about the lives of unborn babies. You may even believe that’s what you care about. But you’re not fooling Guardian writer Jill Filipovic. She knows what you really care about is oppressing women. That’s your “goal.”

The only appropriate response required is, “Jill, you’re a malicious idiot.” But let’s look at her assertions anyway.

Like all her friends, Flipovic is convinced that pro-life activism is actually a twisted facade to cover up the fact that it’s actually about “misogyny.” Filipovic asserted that “the name of their movement [pro-life] carefully centers the conceit that opposition to abortion rights is simply about wanting to save human lives … A new poll shows that’s a lie. The ‘pro-life’ movement is fundamentally about misogyny.” (A new poll? Those polls worked out really well for you in 2016, right, Jill?) The ten question poll demonstrated that “anti-abortion voters were significantly more hostile to gender equity than pro-choice voters.”

Filipovic used “gender equity” polls to condemn people for answering yes to controversial questions like “Do men make better political leaders than women?” Results indicated that pro-choice people scored less "sexist," while pro-life people scored more “sexist." And sexist behaviour currently includes holding the door open for women. But still, those monsters!

She added points like, “Anti-abortion voters don’t like the #MeToo movement,” or that “They don’t think the lack of women in positions of power impacts women’s equality.” Considering those we’ll assume she’s mad that pro-lifers think Megan Rapinoe wouldn’t make a good president or that Michelle Obama is the height of class. Sexist pigs. At the very least, correlation is causation, right?!

Wrong, and secondly these standards of sexism and feminism are coming from the lady who believes that equal punishment for forcing women to birth babies is for men to cut some of their penises off. She’s not a serious person. Filipovic, after all, is the shrew who once demanded that Republican wives “divorce your Republican husbands” after the Kavanaugh appointment.

She then turned specifically on Catholic pro-lifers, letting them know just how bad their Church is. First, she called it an “unabashedly misogynist institution that to this day refuses to allow women into positions of power” and then accused the Church of being inconsistent with its own views on abortion. She claimed, “the Catholic view was that abortion was permissible through the first few months of pregnancy.”

When, Jill? The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has rebutted this claim, clarifying that even the earliest Christians “distinguished themselves from surrounding pagan cultures by rejecting abortion and infanticide.” The point she’s exaggerating is that although the Church has always had the pro-life stance, it only recently officially affirmed human life at the moment of conception because of advancements in modern medicine. Also, even if her point were correct, lefties like Filipovic want abortion even in the late-trimester. The Church is in disagreement either way.

Anyways, these are just the ravings and shoddily-built strawman arguments of a desperate pro-choice woman. Though who are we kidding? We say we are going after her ignorant rhetoric, but maybe we’re going after her because she’s a woman. It’s THE great conspiracy.