Celebs Blast ‘Self-Absorbed’ Trump and FL Leadership Over Jacksonville Shooting

August 27th, 2018 12:45 PM

Liberal media members have once again plastered their self-righteousness all over social media in the wake Sunday’s shooting at a Florida video game tournament. It marked their return to form in shaming Florida lawmakers and the NRA for all the blood on their hands.

Gun-control poster boy David Hogg took time out of his busy schedule preaching about lefties winning the midterms and his  activism, to blast Marco Rubio yet again. The 18-year-old tweeted, “@marcorubio How many mass shootings in your state will it take for you to do something?”

Pakistani-American comedian Kumail Nanjiani jumped in as well, taking aim at those who have a problem with the NFL anthem protests. He wrote, “A man, using a gun, murdered people at a Madden tournament. Can’t wait for kneeling football players to be blamed.” He doesn’t seem very bright.

Adam Best, film producer and founder of online sports outlet FanSided, posted several anti-gun lamentations on social media. One was directed at the Florida governor, stating, “Governor Rick Scott put his alliance with the NRA, who gives him an A+ rating, ahead of his constituents. Floridians should keep that in mind when they vote this Fall.”

The other tweet was directed at Donald Trump and his social media narcissism. Best wrote, “A bunch of people got shot in Jacksonville today but our President thinks it’s more important to tweet about his approval rating.” Best also declared, “There has never been anyone more self-absorbed than Donald J. Trump.”

Tara Strong, the voice-over actress behind countless children’s cartoons (Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls,) also put in her two cents. She tweeted, “The only time it’s justified to use the term “too soon” when debating sensible gun reform, is to describe how quickly politicians forget.”

Of course, this isn’t an anti-gun party without Alyssa Milano. She’s been playing the underdog activist David to the NRA’s monstrous and bloodthirsty Goliath, yet there’s still no word on when she will strike the killing blow. Perhaps this time.

Milano tweeted, “It’s happened again in Florida. At least 4 dead. At least 11 injured. Florida’s primary elections are Tuesday. #Vote.” She put out the call for all to vote against the NRA as that would be the only way to honor the victims. “Honor these victims by voting for candidates that reject the @NRA. Be a hero.”

In response to an update on the incident tweeted out by Senator Marco Rubio, Milano got aggressive. She asked, “Haven’t you taken over 3 MILLION DOLLARS FROM THE @NRA, @marcorubio? #NoRA.”

And who could forget lefty lunatic Tom Arnold? However, the actor was able to make some time to wield the Jacksonville incident as a political weapon. The guy tweeted, “Remember when @realDonaldTrump had a gun summit with Parkland families at the White House & promised only he could fix this but then he dined with @NRA lobbyist Chris Cox who'd given his campaign 30-100 million of Russian mob money so he did nothing? I do.”