NBC's 'Law & Order' Rehashes Anti-White Cop Propaganda

February 24th, 2023 11:16 AM

Wednesday's episode of NBC's Law & Order tormented audiences with a tired retread of Black Lives Matter's (BLM) propaganda.

If you survived television during the height of BLM anti-cop hysteria between 2020 and 2021, you know the script all the cop shows followed -- evil or incompetent white cops mistake an innocent black man for a criminal and react with cartoonish aggression.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

In last night's Law & Order episode, "Fear and Loathing," two white police officers mistake black police detective Jalen Shaw (Mehcad Brooks) for a possible murder suspect. As the two officers pull their guns on him, Shaw stays reasonable and calm and tries to show them his badge. They refuse to believe him until his white partner, Frank Cosgrove (Jeffrey Donovan), arrives on the scene.

After this opening incident, the episode goes through the usual rigamarole of vilifying cops as racists who target innocent black men.

The country went through this propaganda ad nauseum during the BLM "summer of love" that led to an explosion in crime, homicides and unsafe cities.

In "Fear and Loathing," one of the white cops tries to convince Shaw not to file a complaint:



White Officer: Hey. How's it going?

Shaw: What are you doing here?

White Officer: Peace offering.

Shaw: [Scoffs]

White Officer: I came here to apologize.

Shaw: Yeah, I see that.

White Officer: You're not much for small talk.

Shaw: Correct. 

White officer: Ok. I'm up for detective. You filing a complaint against me is not going to help, so I'm asking you to look past my unfortunate and emotional reaction to the situation. We were looking for a killer. Tensions were high.

Shaw: Yeah. Then along came a big, strapping brother, so he'll do, right?

White officer: That's not what I-- 

Shaw: You had your guns drawn, pointed at me. You didn't even give me a chance to show you my badge.

White Officer: We thought we were staring down the suspect of a murder investigation.

Shaw: No, no, no, no, no. You knew you were looking at a black man, and you assumed that he was a subject of a murder investigation. For all you knew, it could have been a 5' white woman.

White Officer: It's always about race.

Shaw: It always is with you guys, isn't it? 

White Officer: Do what you gotta do, Detective, but I'd think real hard about your next move.

Shaw: You threatening me?

White Officer: I'm just saying, this is the brotherhood. Brotherhood based on the color blue. 

When Shaw refuses to back down, the two white officers counter by filing a complaint against him, claiming that he "violated departmental rules by refusing to get on the ground."

After Shaw's lieutenant informs him of their complaint, he tells her "All those rah-rah speeches about being blue and protecting your brother, they were written by white guys":



Jalen: Okay, I get it. We're supposed to protect each other, right? All those rah-rah speeches about being blue and protecting your brother, they were written by white guys. So you can tell that union lawyer and those two white cops they are trying to scare the wrong man.

Shaw's filing against the white cops is dismissed, but the white officers' complaint against him leads to his suspension for a week without pay.  The implication is obvious -- the NYPD is inherently racist and believes a white man over a black one regardless of circumstances.

The episode includes a separate plot in which a white real estate businessman posts false reports of black criminals in upscale neighborhoods so that he can buy up properties after values drop. The false posts get an innocent black doctor killed by a scared resident. The message is again clear -- white people are racists who endanger the lives of black men.

This constant calumny against white people on television is exhausting. The "bad white cop" trope had seemed to subside this year on television, particularly on Law & Orderbut lazy writers reached for it last night.

The pattern of entertainment and media relentlessly attacking one race and seeking to pit black against white cannot go on forever. Our country has already suffered due to years of vilification of white cops and law enforcement in general.

Enough already, Hollywood. The anti-white hatred needs to end.