Oscar Winner Pushes Killer Cop Myths: 'Today The Police Will Kill 3 People'

April 25th, 2021 10:40 PM

This year's Academy Awards show was an unwatchable train wreck of BLM virtue-signaling and bad lighting. A freshman film student could have produced a better show than this mess.

The shout-outs to BLM reached peak cringe during the acceptance speech of Travon Free. Free shared an Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film with co-director Martin Desmond Roe, for the Netflix film Two Distant Strangers. Two Distant Strangers is about a young black man murdered by police.

Free: Today, the police will kill three people. And tomorrow, the police will kill three people. And the day after that, the police will kill three people. Because on average, the police in America every day kill three people. Which amounts to about 1,000 people a year. And those people happen to be disproportionately black people. You know James Baldwin once said, "The most despicable thing a person can be is indifferent to other people's pain," so I just ask that you please not be indifferent. Please don't be indifferent to our pain.

Communist writer James Baldwin seems to be popular with BLM supporters. Baldwin was also quoted in a hate-filled, anti-police performance at this year's Grammy's. 

Is Free not aware that the overwhelming majority of people killed in police confrontations were armed and dangerous? Does he think police just roam the country hunting people? Perhaps he thinks the police officer who recently saved a young woman's life by shooting knife-wielding assailant Ma'Khia Bryant should have let the unarmed girl die. 

So, we must repeat once again, for the people in the back: The Washington Post’s own database of fatal police shootings lists only 14 unarmed Black victims and 25 unarmed white victims in 2019. In 2020, 1,021 people were shot and killed by police but only 55 of them were judged by The Washington Post to be unarmed, so 95% were armed and a threat to others. While any death is a tragedy, there is no epidemic of cops killing unarmed victims. It is manufactured outrage designed to fill up left-wing activist coffers and promote racial division.

And, of course, it also provides Hollywood with films for which they can award and applaud themselves inside their little bubble.