FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ Calls Cops Serial Killers

October 29th, 2015 1:11 AM

FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel took a break from being the most cryptically bizarre show I’ve ever seen in my life, to take a shot at the cops on Wednesday night.

In an episode titled “Devil’s Night,” Detective John Lowe (Wes Bentley) sat down with a certain freeway hitchhiking murderess to have a beer at the Hotel Cortez. The place where everyone in the Hotel is actually dead, except for Detective Lowe. His drinking buddy on this particular occasion was none other than Aileen Wournos, the infamous hitchhiking 7-time murderer who was executed in 2002.

And, not surprisingly, her attitude towards cops is not all that gracious:

Liz: Now, Aileen, U be nice to Mr. Lowe. This is, what, your tenth year with us at the hotel?

Aileen: Lucky 13th!

Liz: Ooh!

Aileen: Since 2002.

Lowe: Do I know you?

Aileen: I don’t know. Have you ever picked up a hooker along I-95 in Florida?

Lowe: No, I think I'd remember that.

Liz: John... Is a police officer... And a special guest of the hotel.

Aileen: Cop. A cop. Man, are you lucky that I haven't had a beer in over a year, or there is no way in hell I would let you buy me one. They call me a serial killer? Greatest serial killer of all time is the cops.

The ghost of Aileen Wournos really needs to let this go. Just because her killing spree was ended by the police and she was subsequently executed by the State, doesn’t mean she needs to take a permanent grudge into the afterlife.

Also silly is the idea that cops are serial killers, since the media has already informed us that serial killers are exclusively white male, racist, anti-government types seeking to undermine the racial harmony and bliss that has been the legacy of Barack Obama when it’s come to race relations.

Seriously, get with the times.