Anti-Cop 'ACAB' Hate Taints NBC's New Crime Drama 'The Irrational'

February 9th, 2024 7:17 AM

NBC’s new crime drama The Irrational had been interesting, entertaining and intriguing to watch, somehow managing to avoid typical leftist propaganda and delivering entertainment everyone can enjoy. That is until the last two episodes went “ACAB.”

On last week’s episode, “Scorched Earth,” it was a brief and fleeting moment of anti-cop hate as a female suspect with purple hair - because, of course - wanted for questioning in an arson investigation spits on main character Detective Alec Mercer (Jesse L. Martin), calling him a “pig” and shouting, “All cops are bastards!”

Tyler: Hey, stop!

Marisa: There's another one? What the hell? FBI! Stop! Come on. Don't move. I said don't move.

Tyler: Wait a sec. Kat?

Alec: Who's your blonde friend?

Kat: Eat it, pig! All cops are bastards!

The reason Kat (Olivia Kate Iatridis) ran was to distract the authorities from her girlfriend Dara was because she's terrified of her family finding out she’s gay. Kat tells them Dara will be kicked out of her house if they find out, and an officer who knows both girls remarks, “Dara’s family is super traditional. Makes sense.”

Yes, because obviously anyone in a traditional family who believes homosexuality is wrong or a sin is automatically heartless, evil and incapable of loving their own child just because they have different beliefs. /sarcasm

In this week’s episode, “Cheating Life,” Alec’s sister Kylie, who is (surprise!) gay, finds herself attracted to a police officer, which is problematic for Kylie because, as she’s made clear, she “doesn’t date cops." Apparently in Kylie’s mind, the supposed evil of being a police officer trumps everything else.

Things take a turn in the end, however, when Detective Morgan Hall (Paloma Nozicka) lets Kylie know she didn’t like cops, either, but she needed to pay her rent and the “staties” were the only ones offering a decent paycheck. It’s bothered her for years, but she feels a sense of pride now that she has a purpose - to stop all cops from being bastards on the inside:

Alec: I have something I don't think you want to hear. You and Morgan, you like her. I know you don't date cops. Sometimes we gotta break the rules.

Kylie: I don't like you.

Alec: Go out there and talk to her.

Kylie: Hey, Morgan. I'm just gonna spit this out. I like you. But—

Morgan: You don't like cops. I get it. I used to feel the same way.

Kylie: So, what changed?

Morgan: The truth is, I needed to make rent. And Staties were the only ones hiring with a decent paycheck. And... I have struggled with it over the years. But if people like me aren't around to make things better, then how will things change? So, I stick with it. And that gives me a sense of pride. It's like every day I wake up, and I have a purpose.

Kylie: Guess I'm searching for what you have, purpose... but with six figures.

Morgan: Well, it's only five figures. But if you're looking, you are kind of good at this solving crime thing.

Kylie: Me, a cop? Girl. How about we start... with me going on a date with one?

Perhaps this show got its name from these irrational storylines? Let’s hope they get back to their original, non-political episodes and leave the propaganda behind.