ABC’s ‘Station 19’ Adds Awkward, Woke Dub into Gender Reveal Scene: ‘Assuming That’s How It Identifies’

March 13th, 2023 12:39 AM

Disney-owned ABC drama Station 19 has already built a reputation for being woke. But apparently, someone forgot to insert a liberal talking point in the script when a doctor announces to a patient that she’s having a boy, leading to a very awkward and cringey dub being inserted into the scene in which the doctor adds, “Assuming that’s how it identifies.”

Hollywood ruins everything.

On Thursday’s episode, “Come as You Are,” the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Station 19’s firehouse is being used as a medical clinic for underprivileged patients in the community. Dr. Carina DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato), the show’s married lesbian ob/gyn abortionist gets hit on by pregnant patient Pam (Dinora Walcott) who was artificially inseminated because she wanted a baby right away and didn’t want to wait for a partner.

Carina is currently separated from her wife Maya (Danielle Savre), so she appears to be flattered and shares her own story on an unsuccessful attempt at artificial insemination. At first, Pam says she doesn’t want to know the sex of the baby, but at the last minute changes her mind and asks Carina to tell her if the baby is a boy or a girl.

Listen closely for yourself at how awkward the woke dub is that was added in later and how much it stands out from the rest of the dialogue:

Pam: Okay. Okay. I actually hate surprises.

Carina: Okay.

Pam: What am I having?

Carina: Are you sure?

Pam: Yeah.

Carina: Yeah? It's a boy!

Pam: Yes!

Carina: Assuming that's how it identifies.

Pam: I'm so happy.

I wonder if the original writer who forgot to be woke got fired for his/her mistake. Also, I’m pretty sure the baby doesn’t “identify” as anything yet, so why not just share that he’s a boy and leave it at that? Gender confusion/dysphoria isn’t a common disorder so why the need to add such a disclaimer?

A few viewers shared similar sentiments about the dubbed line on Twitter:



Unfortunately, it appears more kids are becoming confused about their gender now than ever before since this agenda is being pushed on them when their brains aren’t fully developed. And it doesn't help that they already experience a natural onslaught of confused emotions and feelings amidst raging hormones and bodily changes as they grow.

Let’s let kids be kids and babies be babies, and stop stealing their innocence this way. If they do end up experiencing gender confusion/dysphoria at some point, deal with it then. There's no need to ruin what should otherwise be a happy announcement to a new mom like this. But this is how liberal Hollywood thinks the world should operate, sadly.

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