ABC Drama Uses Werewolf Movie Prop as ‘Metaphor for the Patriarchy’s Assault on Bodily Autonomy’

November 1st, 2022 12:05 AM

ABC’s liberal procedural drama The Rookie featured a very scary costume on their Halloween episode in the form of a trick-or-treating CNN anchor Jake Tapper (as himself) while also inserting the left’s favorite buzzwords since Roe’s overturning (“patriarchy” and “bodily autonomy”) into a random scene.

Sunday’s Halloween episode, “The Reckoning,” saw Officers Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) and Aaron Thorsen (Tru Valentino) stopping to answer a call of a stalled vehicle. The driver is a movie director whose werewolf prop is supposed to be “a metaphor for the patriarchy's assault on bodily autonomy," because, of course:



Thorsen: Morning. Looks like you need some help.

Director: I have to get this prop to set, or I'm screwed.

Thorsen: Okay. Well, uh, we'll get your friend here loaded up, and you'll be on your way in no time.

Director: Thank you.

Thorsen: So, what are you, like, a P.A. Or...

Director: I'm a director. I'm shooting a short film, but I lose my location in an hour.

Thorsen: That is so cool. You hear what she said? She's a director.

Bradford: Oh. Yeah. Okay. Help her get to set. She's losing daylight.

Thorsen: Right. You know what? I just need a better -- I need a better angle.

Bradford: 7-Adam-100. Show us Code 6 at Bronson and Rosewood -- stalled vehicle blocking traffic.

Thorsen: Hang on. Wait, wait. Hold on. You shouldn't be lifting anything. I mean, you just had major surgery.

Director: You did? I can handle this.

Bradford: No, I didn't have major surgery. I'm fine. Lift on three. Alright. One, two, three. Lift. Let's go! Push!

Thorsen: I'm pushing!

Director: Do you want me to call someone?

Both: No!

Bradford: I had back surgery, remember?

Thorsen: Oh! My leg. My leg. Oh! My knee. My knee. My knee. You good?

Bradford: Yeah.

Director: Thank you. Both of you.

Thorsen: Yeah. Happy to help.

Bradford: Yeah. Bradford. No. I assigned Siega to that.

Thorsen: So, uh, what's your short about? Like, werewolves versus zombies?

Director: The lycanthrope is a metaphor for the patriarchy's assault on bodily autonomy.

Thorsen: Wow.

Wow, indeed! Never mind that no one, male or female, has complete bodily autonomy in this country. Our right to bodily autonomy (which isn’t even an official Constitutional right per se, but we’ll pretend it is for the sake of argument) ends when we hurt other human beings.

But even when there aren’t any victims, as in the cases of prostitution, wearing a seatbelt while driving, or wearing a helmet while operating a motorcycle, a woman’s bodily autonomy doesn’t override the law. So, it certainly shouldn’t apply when there are victims, as is the case in every abortion which ends the life of an innocent, unborn child.

The show later tried to get into the Halloween spirit by having Tapper and his son Jack make a cameo appearance as trick-or-treaters:



John: Bye! Happy Halloween!

Celina: You just have to admit I wear it better.

John: Yeah, you wear everything better. No one's arguing that. I didn't agree to compete over this.

Both: Hey!

Celina: Happy Halloween!

John: Oh, that is a brilliant costume, young man. You too, slightly older man. I don't see many Philly fans this side of the, uh, Rockies.

Jake: You from there?

John: Uh, Foxburg, actually. Just moved here a few years ago. God, you look remarkably like that fella from CNN. What's his name?

Jake: Jake Tapper.

John: No, that's not it.

Celina: Yeah, it is. Here. You guys want some candy?

Jake: Thank the nice people.

Jack: Thank you.

John: Roger that.

Jake: Have a great night.

John: See you, guys!

Celina: You too!

TV Line said of the Tapper cameo, “You got to love it.”

Actually, no. No, we don't. Maybe the kid, but certainly not the news anchor - unless the message was supposed to be that liberal media bias is scary. Now that we can get behind!  

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