‘Bordertown’ Claims the Only White People Having Sex Are Rapists, Rednecks and Racists

February 22nd, 2016 1:00 AM

Another disgusting installment of Fox's adult-only cartoon, Bordertown continues its onslaught on conservative values. For all the hype about Fox News being “fair and balanced,” their sister broadcast network’s choice in cartoons is anything but. In fact, this show seems to go out of its way to be openly offensive to all things conservative, including marriage.

The premise of the episode “Groundhog Day” is that a new baby has been born in Mexifornia and, being that the baby is of Mexican descent, Caucasians are now the minority. This, of course, sets off a barrage of jokes about how minorities are overlooked, overworked, and underpaid and we couldn't possibly let this happen to the whites in town. The solution? White people just need to have more babies. “All right, time to make a baby and get my country back,” says Bud.

The only problem is the white people are all married and therefore disdain the idea of sex with their wives. Or they’re rapists, kidnappers, stalkers, or having sex with their inbred redneck sisters.

Bud: My God, he's right. Listen, you guys, unless you want to stay a minority forever, you better get to making more babies.

Inbred creature: My sister and I did our part. It's just skin, but you could put it over a non-white person to make him white. Now you're Connor!

Kidnapper: If it helps, there's some white girls in my basement that weren't counted in the census.

George: Hey, what about you, Bud? Are you gonna get Janice pregnant?

Bud: Who, me? Oh, no, my wife has trouble in the bedroom. Her husband's not attracted to her.

Kidnapper: Well, ain't that kind of hypocritical?

George: Yeah, Bud, put your penis where your mouth is.

Bud: Fine, fine, fine, I'll do it! I'll make the ultimate sacrifice for my country and have sex with my wife.

Stalker: You know what, I'm gonna have sex with my wife, too. I’m coming, Sharon. No judge can keep us apart.

So not only is sex with your spouse something to be avoided at all costs, but apparently rapists keeping sex slaves in the basement and breaking Protection From Abuse orders are funny? Oh...wait, that's right. It's comedy; specifically liberal comedy, so you can make fun of anything and it's still funny.

Where are all the feminists on this one? Just more proof that the war on women is not and never has been from the right.