Hollywood PANICS after Kennedy Announcement: SCOTUS 'Will Take Away Our Rights!'

June 27th, 2018 3:44 PM

The wealthy elite actors who are the face of the #resistance have had a very bad day.

After Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court on June 27, wailing and grinding of teeth could be heard from Tinseltown across the Twitterverse. The apocalyptic predictions reached a fever pitch: Kennedy’s retiring meant the end of Roe v. Wade, the end of democracy, and the end of our government, according to Hollywood. Statements like, “This is a disaster,” “We are in MAJOR, MAJOR trouble,” and “SCOTUS is going to be a dumpster fire,” echoed throughout.

Actress Bette Midler tweeted, “Every single institution or agency in our government is being dismantled by this administration. Congress gone, SCOTUS gone, the Executive branch, in the hands of a madman, the FBI, DOE, EPA, etc...And you thought it couldn’t happen here.”

The freak out over the fate of Roe v. Wade made its way to Hollywood as well, with comedian Michael Ian Black making the ghoulish statement, “Stock up on abortions now. Roe v. Wade is gone.”

Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton tweeted, “We had a good run, America. Get ready for a generation of regressive, corporate, nationalist rule.” Singer Cher melted down completely, saying that the “Supreme Court will take away our rights!!...Some Americans could find themselves in internment camps!!

Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) tweeted, “Democrats need to show some and fight. What's the Constitution say about a President* who's under criminal investigation for conspiracy against the country and tampering with his own election nominating justices?” Rob Reiner tweeted, “The illegitimate POTUS will now try to ram a SCOTUS nominee through before Nov. So much for that McConnell rule. Calling on two principled Republicans to stand up against tyranny.”

Comedian Billy Eichner had many emotions to share, apparently: “I wanted to make a joke but I’m mainly just sad.” Fellow comedian Kal Penn had an idea for the Senate, “Block any nomination that isn’t  Merrick Garland. Block any nomination that isn’t Merrick Garland. Block any nomination.”

Women’s March co-founder Linda Sarsour tweeted, “This is a disaster.”

Glee actor Kevin McHale had a completely mature reaction to the situation: “Hey hey, fuck off everyone who voted for Trump or didn’t vote at all. The SCOTUS is going to be a dumpster fire and it’s your fault and we’re going to have to live with that for the rest of our lives.” Did it ever occur to you that maybe Trump voters don’t view this as a dumpster fire?

Transgender actress Laverne Cox tweeted, “Wow, just wow. As if things aren't already scary.”

Daily Show creator and grotesque abortion fangirl Lizz Winstead admitted, “This is a day I wanna punch a lot of people.”

Actor Don Cheadle tweeted, “ok, dems. this is real. all y’all paying attention? this is how you lose a country. all of our rights are in the balance. urge your leadership to resist when trump attempts to appoint the next swamp thing out of the pez dispenser or kiss it bye bye.”

Poor Hollywood. What a terrible blow this must be for them. Sounds like the roof is caving in.