Fox's 'Lucifer:' Donald Trump is 'Definitely Going' to 'The Tyrant Wing in Hell'

November 15th, 2016 1:21 AM

The election was less than a week ago and already Fox’s Satan-inspired crime drama Lucifer is ready to put President-elect Donald Trump in the “tyrant wing in Hell.”

On Monday night’s episode “Trip to Stabby Town,” Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) therapist Linda (Rachael Harris), who was recently given proof that Lucifer is in fact really Satan, has a bunch of questions, like, “How did you actually torture Hitler in Hell? I mean, is his cell next to Idi Amin's? Or Mussolini's? Or is there kind of a tyrant wing in Hell?” but Lucifer doesn’t want to talk about it at first.

When Lucifer is finally ready to discuss who is in Hell, he names Trump, along with Caligula and Stalin, and says even though Trump’s not dead yet, “he’s definitely going” to Hell.

Lucifer: So, we can... You know, talk about Caligula, Stalin, Trump. I mean, I know he's not dead, but he's definitely going.

Linda: Lucifer, I owe you an apology. 

Later Lucifer talks about questioning where he belongs because “Hell wasn't home, and Heaven was... well, Hell!” He says Earth is his home, “The only place I've ever felt wanted or respected.” This is sadly too true – sin is pretty much glorified here on Earth. The way our society has rejected God, we practically welcome the devil with open arms, no wonder Lucifer feels at home.