Actress Has ‘Feminist Panic Attack’ Over Bill Clinton ‘Match Game’ Question

July 11th, 2016 1:58 AM

ABC’s Match Game, hosted by lefty Alec Baldwin, continued its run of questions about Republican presidential candidates, but this week, for the first time, Hillary Clinton was finally mentioned.

This week’s celebrity guest panelists were Rosie O’Donnell, Ana Gasteyer, Bobby Moynihan, Maggie Q, Pete Wentz, and Tituss Burgess. They were given the following prompt: “To find a running mate, Donald Trump has decided to use the Miss Universe format. Chris Christie was winning until he tanked in the BLANK competition.” Everyone said bikini/swimsuit, a nice way of poking fun at Christie’s weight, but pretty tame.

This question was far more controversial, eliciting groans and boos throughout: “Bill Clinton said, ‘Please vote for Hillary so I can get back in the White House. It seems I left a BLANK stashed in the Oval Office.’” The contestant’s answer was Monica Lewinsky. 

Rosie O'Donnell had a match, and said, “I feel badly about writing it, but there you go…Intern.” Why would she feel bad? Nobody felt badly about their answers about Donald Trump

Ana Gasteyer claimed, “I had a feminist panic attack,” and so her answer was a pen. What?!?! Left unexplained was what gave her the “feminist panic attack.” Perhaps it was reluctance to draw attention to her feminist hero Hillary Clinton condoning and defending the sexual assaults and affairs her husband committed. 

One celebrity said saxophone and three said cigar, which if you don’t already get the reference do NOT look it up in the Starr Report, your life will be infinitely better not knowing!

Alec Baldwin quipped, "A lot of things you put in your mouth, but not Monica Lewinsky." When members of the audience booed, Baldwin shouted, "Oh shut up!"

So they finally mentioned Hillary Clinton, but it was only in passing, the real target was her husband, Bill. Still waiting for contestants to have to answer a question about Hillary… will it ever happen?