Emilio Estefan Releases Music Video Exposing Cuba's Harsh Conditions

July 21st, 2021 3:31 PM

Emilio Estefan is a successful Cuban American musician and producer who moved to the United States when he was only 14 years old. He knows a thing or two about how important liberty and freedom are and he’s showing support for his country by releasing a new song called “Libertad," or liberty in English.

Estefan is married to Cuban American singer Gloria Estefan and has won 19 Grammy Awards throughout his career. He produced his new song in collaboration with the nonprofit group The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba. The footage was shot two months ago but in light of the ongoing riots they decided to speed up the process and release the video early. 

“I feel people need to know the truth of what happened in Cuba. For the first time, thanks to technology they are seeing the reality of what happened and the abuse,” Estefan stated.

The song talks about the “enemy of liberty,” which is silence. “It’s a shame that with force they want to silence you,” and “every human being deserves freedom,” say the lyrics.

It’s no wonder the left-wing media wants people to think that the protests are about ‘vaccine shortages.’ Estefan is talking about the abuse of the Cuban communist regime, but it sounds eerily similar to the tactics being used by the cancel culture Democratic Party in America.  



The largest protest in Cuba since the 1959 revolution has been going on for weeks and thousands of disgruntled citizens are marching in the streets, many of them chanting “libertad.” In November last year there was a small protest due to communist authorities breaking up a hunger strike that artists and activists organized outside the Ministry of Culture. 

The November strike led The Foundation to propose an idea to Estefan for a piece about the current conditions of Cuba under the communist regime. He was working on this piece when the July 11th protests began. 

“This is the first time that the image is more important than the music,” Estefan told NBC News. “It’s really hard. I was born in Cuba even though we’re 90 miles, away it feels so far away.”

He said, “Gloria and I pray for Cuba each day.”

About half way through the song you can hear voices chanting “libertad” combined with footage of hundreds of Cubans marching through the streets. At the end of the video they name activists that have died, including Pedro Luis Boitel and Orlando Zapata Tamayo, both of whom tragically passed away while on hunger strikes during their imprisonments.

Estefan also clarified that “it’s not about politics, it’s about human rights.”

All Americans should be praying for Cuba’s freedom and all of the entitled leftists who think they want communism in our country should watch this new music video and observe what actually happens under a communist regime.