D.L. Hughley: A Black Superhero Should 'Make White People Believe Him'

July 1st, 2021 9:23 AM

The "Original King of Comedy" and host of his own show, D.L. Hughley was recently interviewed on “Salon Talks” where he discussed his new satirical book, “How to Survive America.” During his most recent interview on the book, he moves out of the space of satire and into social justice warrior territory by claiming that the Black community needs a superhero whose power is “making white people believe him.”  

During the first 3 minutes of Hughleys interview, he is asked to provide a “glimpse” of what customers will get when buying his book. It doesn’t take him any time at all to jump into hate on America and white people mode. “Black people are always held responsible for their own murder” he says. The comedian then discusses the pandemic and Jerome Adams telling “Black people they need to stop drinking and smoking and doing drugs.”



The moderator, D. Watkins then tells Hughley that he “clearly breaks down the way Black people are more affected by all these different things” and they “actually breathe air that’s more polluted than white people.” Hughleys responses become even more radical here. He discusses how whatever white people “don’t want” or “whatever the dirtiest” they force into black communities and “force” them to “ingest that.” As if the white shaming couldn’t get any worse, he then says:

I think if Black people had a superhero, he wouldn't run fast or jump high, he would have the ability to make white people believe him. And I think it's just, there's an inherent feeling that no matter what happens to us, we brought it on ourselves.

This is the epitome of a victim mindset. Our country has a serious spoiled brat epidemic. People blame all of their problems on society or in this case, white people, instead of taking accountability for their actions and realizing that we all make choices for ourselves. 

The whole interview is packed full of left-wing talking points, and of course he had to throw in January 6 because the left will hold onto those events as long as possible. Hughley claims that white people “remove” whatever they don’t like, so not only are people trying to “pretend” like January 6 didn’t happen, they are also trying “to remove slavery from [the] history books.” 

Hughley goes on to discuss how in his book he lists every president between Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump and how they did “more for Black people” than Trump. He notes that although the Black unemployment rate was lower than ever under Trump, “during slavery it was zero.” He fails to mention that the Black unemployment rate was the highest since 1982 under Barack Obama, so can we blame that on racism too? 

Hughley was also asked if he believes the Biden administration will “get it right,” to which he actually had the most reasonable answer of the whole interview. “No” he said. “But I think he’ll get it as right as we’ve forced him to.” 

At least even the craziest of lefties know that Biden is nothing more than a puppet.