Of Course: Marvel Announces Loki's Gender Is 'Fluid'

June 7th, 2021 3:55 PM

In a predictable turn of events, Disney+ has released a short teaser video for the new Loki series that announced the sex of the main character as “fluid.” Marvel has consistently been outdoing itself with the woke leftist propaganda being shoved into every possible aspect of its movies. This one depicts Loki, the God of Mischief, as the protagonist who has to travel through the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in order to save the world’s timeline. It wasn't enough to just add a “gender fluid” character, they must glorify it as well. 

In Norse mythology Loki is a “cunning trickster” who is seen shapeshifting from male to female forms but is referred to most often as a male (and he’s Thor’s brother in both the comic books and movies.) Still Disney saw the opportunity to push its agenda once more. 

The term “gender-fluid” is best described as someone who does not believe that they have one fixed gender. Scientists have pointed towards genetic, hormonal, and environmental exposures and influences during the formative years of childhood as a likely cause of gender dysphoria. This is certainly not the case with the God of mischief, so why is Marvel forcing this and putting mental illnesses on a pedestal? 

The Twitter page for the new Loki series has been releasing teasers since December 2020 in an attempt to build up as much publicity as possible. A video clip released on June 6 shows a case file for the main character in which his “sex” is labelled as “fluid.” I wonder why they waited so long to announce the true intentions for this character?

The show will be airing for the first time on June 9, and some of the released set photos have revealed a “lady Loki,” which will more than likely be making an appearance. Instead of just labelling the character’s sex as “unknown,” which would have fell more in line with Norse mythology, they just had to throw woke culture into the mix.

With China being the second largest market in terms of profits for Marvel movies, and also an advocate for anti-LGBT laws, it is doubtful that China will even allow any mention of gender-fluidity that appears in the show. But will Disney stand up for the LGBT community in China? Definitely not. The company won’t even stand up against Uyghur Muslim enslavement in China because they value profit more than human life.  

Stick to making mediocre movies, Disney, and leave the politics out of it.