WATCH: Yahoo! Finance Ignores Biden Cabinet Official’s Political Attack on Trump

June 26th, 2024 5:07 PM

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spewed Biden campaign talking points during a Yahoo! Finance interview, leading to zero pushback or follow-up from her interviewer. 

During the June 24 interview, Yellen lifted common Biden campaign grievances about the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, while blaming the legislation for the current administration’s financial woes. 

Rather than challenging her unsubstantiated claims, Yahoo! Finance Senior Report Jennifer Schonberger immediately moved on to talking about tariffs. Yellen conceded that she should avoid politics because of the Hatch Act immediately before launching a political attack on former President Donald Trump. “The signature policy from the Trump years was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and it promised an investment boom which really did not materialize,” Yellen said.

She proceeded to regurgitate Biden’s complaints about the bill. “It gave huge tax breaks to corporations and to wealthy individuals and it resulted in an enormous increase in the deficit and lowered tax revenues below historic norms and I think it's responsible for many of the problems that we face now with the our fiscal trajectory and so that would concern me to leave all of that in place.” 

Schonberger not only failed to question these claims, but also neglected to ask whether Yellen was referring solely to the growing National Debt, massive deficits, or other financial problems. She did not even ask Yellen why she invoked the Hatch Act before brazenly spouting partisan talking points.

Moreover, the Yahoo host did not ask Yellen about the out-of-control spending that could far better explain America’s $34 trillion National Debt and the $1.7 trillion 2023 budget deficit. In 2023, the federal government spent $6.1 trillion, after spending $6.3 trillion in 2022 and $6.8 trillion in 2021. For this year, the Congressional Budget Office projects $6.8 trillion in spending with a budget deficit of $1.9 trillion. 

In 2020, the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, spending stood at $6.6 trillion. Before COVID-19 and Biden’s rise to power, the federal government spent $4.4 trillion in 2019, $4.1 trillion in 2018, $4.0 trillion in 2017 and $3.9 trillion in 2016.  Spending has drastically increased in a very short period of time.

But sure, the problem is that Americans aren’t being squeezed hard enough. 

This isn’t Yellen’s only recent flub. Last week, Yellen performed poorly when asked to defend her boss. During an appearance on the June 20 edition of Fox News’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, anchor Neil Cavuto confronted Yellen with President Joe Biden’s demonstrably false assertion that inflation was at 9% when he took office. Yellen was unable to defend the president, weakly protesting that inflation would eventually hit 9% over a year after Biden took office.

But Americans shouldn’t expect Yahoo! Finance to hold the Biden administration accountable. During a May 14 interview, Yahoo! Finance not only chose to flatter the president but also let him make his absurd 9% inflation claim unchallenged. 

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