Marc Morano on Anti-Energy Decision: ‘This is Joe Biden Caving to Environmental Activists’

January 29th, 2024 11:57 AM

Climate Depot founder Marc Morano made clear that President Joe Biden’s decision to hamstring a critical American industry had nothing to do with national interest. 

Morano shredded Biden’s explanation for a so-called “pause” for liquified natural gas projects during a conversation with Fox News co-host Pete Hegseth on the Jan. 27 edition of Fox & Friends Saturday. Morano said, “This is Joe Biden caving to environmental activists of his base heading into an election year.” Morano went on to rip Biden’s “bonkers” decision, arguing that it violated a key promise made to American allies following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

“The United States is one of the top three exporters of natural gas, and all they're doing is now putting it to countries with lower environmental standards,” Morano said, highlighting that the natural gas halt would further hurt U.S. allies in Europe. “One of the things that Joe Biden made a commitment of is, after the Ukraine invasion and the Russian sanctions and the cutoff of Russian energy, is we were going to fill that void. So, now we're hurting our allies by taking away that energy … it's bonkers to do this — more restrictions on our energy, on exports, more restrictions on our natural domestic production — it makes no sense.”

Morano said that this decision suggested that all future energy decisions would have to pass a “climate test,” before adding: “I don’t think anything can pass even human beings at this point.”

When Hegseth said that Americans would lose their jobs while other countries produced “dirtier” energy, Morano heartily agreed. “That's the entire green agenda.” 

Morano cited a 2013 tweet from former President Donald Trump, pointing out the ridiculousness of shutting down our energy production so China can pick up our slack. “All we're doing is shutting down the highest environmental standards, the highest human rights standards here in the United States,” Morano added. 

Morano slammed the Biden administration for hamstringing American energy with “carbon-accounting budgets” and “net zero goals,” so that countries that don’t care about these things can produce energy instead. 

“It's utter nonsense from beginning to end,” Morano said, later concluding: “You have these bureaucratic bean counters in the Biden administration now giving a climate test to every aspect of our country and of our economy.”

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