Biden Tells Slavish Media to Praise Bidenomics

December 27th, 2023 11:31 AM

When a reporter lobbed a softball at President Joe Biden, the president took the opportunity to demand further adulation from the media. 

Biden on Dec. 23 fielded a question about how he feels about the economy in 2024, telling a reporter,  “All good, take a look, start reporting it the right way.” The president, clearly unsatisfied with the slavish coverage of his presidency from legacy media outlets, called for help from his allies at NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post, as if these outlets haven’t been spinning the news for Biden already. 

Since the president chose to overlook the media’s zealous work on his behalf, here is a small collection of moments when the media tried to paint a brighter economic picture of the Biden presidency. For example, in June The Washington Post put out an article carrying water for the president, noting that the president and his staff “have long been frustrated that the president is not getting more credit for an economy that by many measures is thriving.” 

Not to be outdone, CNN provided overwhelmingly positive coverage of the Biden economy or “‘Bidenomics,’” frequently giving voice to concerns that voters didn’t properly appreciate how good the economy was. 

Several other media outlets have featured articles blaming an ungrateful American public for Biden’s terrible economy. This includes a New York Times column by Paul Krugman, who whitewashed Biden’s economy while criticizing Americans for their low opinion of Bidenomics. 

From the left coast, a Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus also weighed in to defend Biden’s economy and scourge American voters for failing to appreciate it. McManus wrote,  “The challenge for Biden and his campaign strategists is how to persuade unhappy voters not only that better times are ahead, but that he deserves some credit.” McManus put the focus not on struggling Americans, but on the complete mystery of how Biden cannot sell what McManus called a “freakishly good” economy to an ungrateful public. 

Earlier this year, Michael LaRosa, former Press Secretary to First Lady Jill Biden, wrote an op-ed titled “Biden should stop focusing on the economy.”

Mr. President, the press can’t make the public see what isn’t there. 

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