DEI Chair Reveals Woke Mind Virus at Google in Social Media Tirade

November 14th, 2023 10:34 AM

A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Chair at Google gave ordinary Americans a window into this toxic and racist ideology when she ripped into a departing colleague on social media. 

A day after a software engineer working for Google Brain posted pictures with his co-workers on X (formerly Twitter) to celebrate his time with the team, research scientist at Google Brain Rosanne Liu shamed him for the lack of women in the photos. Liu has twice served as DEI Chair for the International Conference on Learning Representations in 2022 and 2023. When she lashed out on Nov. 9, the general public got to see the woke mind virus that Google employees have been dealing with. Liu wrote, “Sorry for dunking on your special day and DEI policing. But all these images are so sad. It's Twenty-Twenty-freaking-Three! What are we doing??” 

It is unlikely that Liu is actually “sorry” for lashing out at him publicly on social media.

The former employee responded kindly and extremely deferentially to Liu’s abuse, pointing out that he was not responsible for hiring and had not worked with many women during his time at Google. Neither his intentions nor these facts mattered to Liu.

“Sorry but I have to push back a little here. (Again, sorry for doing this today, and congrats on your very deserved achievement.),” Liu wrote, mindlessly repeating her empty apology, before adding, “When it comes to culture and change, everyone is responsible, or culpable if something is so alarmingly wrong.” 

The DEI chair followed up with a suggestion that he constantly fixate on diversity in social settings before letting him know the importance of “feeling at least a bit embarrassed when posting pics like this.” Liu would later explain the importance of having the right “feelings” about situations like this before admitting that she was “upset” and stating that she wants the men depicted to “feel bad.” 

Following this tirade, Liu continued to vent in the responses. 

As demonstrated by Liu’s comments against a former employee for having fun with his friends, DEI initiatives and training serve as leftist political cudgels to force woke dogmas onto employees and customers.

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