MEDIA FAIL: New CBS News Poll Shows Most Americans Think ‘Bidenomics’ Sucks

July 31st, 2023 11:39 AM

Repeatedly trying to slap lipstick on President Joe Biden’s ramshackled economy just got a lot harder for the presstitutes. Americans aren’t buying it.

A new CBS News/YouGov poll found that a majority 65 percent of Americans view the economy as “bad.” Specifically, the survey of 2,181 U.S. adult residents revealed that 61 percent described the economy as “struggling;” 56 percent said “uncertain;” 36 percent said “unfair;” and 27 percent said “punishing.” What’s even more damning is that a majority of the respondents placed either “a great deal” (44 percent) or some (36 percent) of the blame on Biden’s disastrous economic policies. This poll is devastating for outlets like The Washington Post, which tried arguing recently that the GOP should “rethink attacks” on Bidenomics as it spun a slowing inflation rate (three percent) to falsely assert that inflation was “falling.” 

The Post even misleadingly claimed that wages were keeping up with inflation. However, as the poll showed, 70 percent of respondents said their work incomes were not keeping pace with inflation.  In fact, 50 percent of the poll’s respondents that have heard of the term “Bidenomics” equate it with — wait for it — “higher inflation.” In addition, 45 percent said that Biden’s current actions were “increasing inflation.” Biden’s overall approval rating on the economy in the poll also plummeted to an abysmal 34 percent. 

The CBS News shows tried to spin and downplay the results of their own poll during the July 30 edition of CBS Weekend News and July 31 edition of CBS Mornings, perhaps because it blew a hole in the network’s typical pro-Biden coverage

CBS Weekend News kicked off its coverage of the atrocious poll results by praising how “the economy is expanding with Americans still splurging.” “So far, so good,” claimed CBS News' senior national correspondent Mark Strassman. The show ludicrously ran a contradictory chyron that tried to downplay the poll results while it reported on the details of the American people’s disdain for Bidenomics: “Inflation easing despite higher consumer prices.” Uh, what? Heritage Foundation Research Fellow EJ Antoni pointed out July 24, “Inflation remains more than twice what it was when Mr. Biden became president, and prices have already risen 16% during his term.” 

Over at CBS Mornings the next day, the show ran a condescending chyron that made it seem like Americans were just ignorant for supposedly not realizing the economy was turning a corner: “Most say economy ‘bad’ despite improvements.” CBS anchor Natalie Morales tee’d off the coverage of the poll by reiterating the false talking point that there was a “drop in inflation over the past year.” 

No, there wasn’t a “drop.” Prices are still rising, not falling. The difference is that prices are not rising as aggressively as they were before. But Americans shouldn’t expect anything more than propaganda from the talking heads at CBS.

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