ALEX SOROS In His Own Words

July 13th, 2023 9:00 AM


George Soros — one of the world’s most powerful and influential leftist billionaires — finally found an heir to his massive empire. Alex Soros was named the new leader of his father’s $25-billion Open Society Foundations. That gives him the resources to be, in his own words, even “more political.” 

Alex has shown himself to be even more radically leftist than his father, on issues ranging from supporting abortion and climate change activism to outright anti-American propaganda. He considers the overturning of Roe v. Wade as one of the “worst” days in U.S. history and even sees the Republican Party as “the Confederacy.” Now, he’s been given the keys to a philanthropic giant that funnels hundreds of millions of dollars into organizations promoting extremist causes in the United States and abroad since at least 1984. Alex just took over and already laid off at least 40% of OSF’s staff supposedly for the purpose of launching “‘significant changes to the foundation's operating model.’”

MRC Business extensively researched Alex Soros’s previous radical statements on everything from politics to climate change and social issues for clues about the kind of leader he will become in his father’s place. His own words indicate he will be much worse. Here are the results:

  • Hates the Right: Alex tweeted that the GOP was “the Confederacy” for pushing the repeal of the pro-abortion Roe ruling. He hates both recent Republican presidents. Alex smeared former President George W. Bush by claiming he was a “criminal deserving of impeachment.” He prophesied the possible “end of democracy” and “civil war” should former President Donald Trump get reelected. 
  • Obsessed with Abortion: The younger Soros argued that the Dobbs ruling was “one of the worst days in American history.” In Alex’s view, reversing Roe “would rob women of their right to life, to health, and to equality.” He even promoted the idea that, "‘Gender equality isn’t possible without abortion and contraception’” and offered up his admiration for former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards.
  • Fixated on Climate Change Extremism: Alex is dedicated to climate change radicalism. He called for teachers to inject climate propaganda into lessons “if you teach history, global affairs or science.” He’s also considered global redistribution of wealth as a “compelling solution” to climate change.
  • Weaponizing Race to Smear Opponents: “There are white supremacists in the White House,” cried Alex Soros in a July 31, 2020, tweet. In another racially charged tweet, he said “Trump is putting Jews in danger to stir up his white nationalist base.” Alex also saluted the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, urging them to “rip structural racism out by its roots” in the American justice system.


Alex Soros in His Own Words



The left’s No. 1 source of money — billionaire donor George Soros — just named his successor. Soros picked his even more radical son Alex to take over as head of the $25-billion Open Society Foundations.

Even Alex admits he’s “more political” than his father. And that news that should terrify Americans, especially conservatives.

MRC Business extensively researched Alex Soros’s previous radical statements on social media and elsewhere regarding everything from politics and climate change to social issues and race. The findings provide a window into exactly the kind leader that he will become in his father’s place. Alex’s own words indicate he will be much worse than his father who used both political donations and charity to wage a longstanding war with the right. 

Alex warned the U.S. might be headed to “civil war” if former President Donald Trump were to be reelected, targeted the GOP as ”the Confederacy,” and called the decision to overturn the pro-abortion Roe v. Wade ruling “one of the worst days in American history.”

The 37-year-old Alex’s journey proving himself the most radical Soros acolyte was years in the making. Along the way, he transitioned from being a billionaire’s hard-partying, socialite son to the next formidable force in the Soros global operation. And Alex isn’t wasting any time in letting the world know it. 

The Soros heir just recently laid off nearly 40% of OSF’s staff supposedly for the purpose of launching “‘significant changes to the foundation's operating model... in the coming months.’” Specifically, per a statement released by both Alex and OSF President Mark Malloch-Brown, “The Board expects that this new model will create a culture of ‘strategic opportunism’ at the Foundations and among the grantees they support.” 

Alex has already been hard at work establishing major influence with world leaders, including President Joe Biden, who either fully or partially share his radical views. The Soros crown prince is now a world leader in his own right. Records revealed in May that Alex visited the White House at least 17 times, according to Fox News. Two of those visits were with Biden’s former Chief of Staff Ron Klain. Alex has also met regularly with some of the most powerful heads of state across the globe. “‘He’s earned it,’” said the elder Soros to The Wall Street Journal of Alex’s coronation. Alex was formally elected as OSF's chairman in December, 2022, according to The Journal. 

Alex takes over the incredibly influential, leftist Open Society Foundations, which have operations in 120 countries and a $25 billion war chest. The foundations were established by George Soros in 1993, and he has given well over $32 billion to them to promote his twisted “open society” vision. That concept includes everything from climate radicalism and racial division to open borders and outright anti-Americanism.

Alex has now embraced that vision as his own. Conservatives should be especially aware of who and what he is. Below is MRC Business’s detailed analysis of Alex Soros in his own words. 



Alex has already positioned himself as an extreme, anti-Republican powerbroker working to ensure that the road to political power in Washington D.C. runs through the Soros empire. 

Alex weirdly considered former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be his “Woman Crush Wednesday” to get a bead on the kind of controversial political atmosphere he’s seeking to foster in America on behalf of his father. That’s the same Clinton whose campaign would serve as the origin of the infamous Russia-Trump collusion hoax. But he took a different view when it came to another former politician, arguing that former President George W. Bush “was a criminal deserving of impeachment.”

Alex also isn’t shy about what his wild political ambitions entail and who his enemies are. 


‘GOP Is the Confederacy’

Alex was clearly upset following the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. He championed a Washington Post article celebrating that the Democrats used the incident to adopt a so-called “freedom” message in order to smear the GOP. 

“Finally! ceding the word freedom to the authoritarian right wing has been a strategic blunder! While we’re at it, let’s embrace the American flag and bring back the American dream! It’s pretty clear the @gop is the Confederacy! This is our flag not maga’s!” — Alex Soros, Twitter, July 27, 2022 


‘Civil War’ if Trump Reelected in 2024

“What will happen to America if Trump wins again? Here is a reminder that the end of US democracy and civil war are real possibilities.” — Alex Soros, Twitter, Oct. 11, 2022 


Politicizes Shooting Massacres to Attack Trump and NRA

“The increase in #hatecrimes is not accidental. @realDonaldTrump has embraced #whitesupremacy throughout his life, his campaign and his administration. When world leaders degrade and treat certain groups as non-human, we will continue to see events like #ElPaso #Gilroy, #Pittsburgh... Between this and the @nra’s stranglehold on the @gop, those who are sick of this can do something: #VoteThemOut! From the statehouse to the Whitehouse!” — Alex Soros exploiting mass shootings, Twitter, Aug. 4, 2019


Presses Biden To Be More Aggressive on ‘Disinformation’

Alex actively called on Biden to crack down on so-called disinformation, which is revealing given that OSF funneled $80,233,084 into leftist groups placing pressure on Big Tech to censor speech prior to the 2022 midterm elections. 

“Disinformation tears the fabric of democracy. President Biden must generate meaningful commitments from those attending the Summit for Democracy, and recognize that disinformation is not a niche issue but an urgent problem.” — Alex Soros, Twitter, Dec. 2, 2021


GOP Spreads More Election Disinformation than Russia

“Says it all here! ‘Republican Party elites have led a sustained disinformation campaign—spreading more election disinformation than both Facebook and Russia.’” — Alex Soros, Twitter, Oct. 22, 2020


Praised Biden for Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

Alex Soros praised the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal that cost 13 American lives. 

“President Biden and team carried out the largest airlift in US history! While we must do what we can to get remaining at-risk afghans out, Biden and team deserve applause for what they pulled off!” — Alex Soros, Twitter, Aug. 30, 2021


Promoted Crazy Call to Abolish Electoral College

Alex shared a quote from Twitter in 2020 by the leftist Brennan Center for Justice — which George Soros had heavily funded for years. It called for the abolishment of the Electoral College. 

“‘The race-consciousness establishment—and retention—of the Electoral College has supported an entitlement program that our 21st-century democracy cannot justify.’" — Alex Soros, Twitter, Nov. 10, 2020


Embraced Disparaging Claims Against Justices Thomas, Kavanaugh

Alex Soros retweeted a tweet from the Soros-funded group Color of Change that smeared Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh by supporting baseless allegations against them.

 “Just as Dr. Hill should have been believed then, we believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford on being sexually assaulted by SC Justice nominee Kavanaugh.” — Alex Soros, Twitter, Sept. 20, 2018


Social Issues

Alex Soros pushes radical positions on a wide range of social issues from transgenderism to support for legalized prostitution and the killing of the unborn. 

He repeatedly embraced radical policies, including retweeting an Open Society endorsement of prostitution in 2020 as “the best way to protect the health and human rights of sex workers” and calling the Dobbs decision, “one of the worst days in American history.” 


Cheered Former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards

“#aboutlastnight: an incredible experience to see someone who I have come to know and admire more and more #cecilerichards, president of @plannedparenthood, be honored with the Tim Carpenter Advocacy award at the #progressivecaucus awards dinner in Baltimore. Thanks for doing what you do Cecile! #standwithpp.” — Alex Soros, Instagram, Feb. 26, 2016


Dobb’s Decision ‘One of the Worst Days in American History’

“Today is one of the worst days in American history. The only way to overcome this is to organize, legislate, and finally democratize the United States!” — Alex Soros, Facebook, June 24, 2022


Promotes Claim ‘You Can’t Have Gender Equality Without Abortion’

"‘Gender equality isn’t possible without abortion and contraception.’” — Alex Soros quoting a radical pro-abortion op-ed from Al Jazeera, Twitter, March 22, 2023 


Supports Government Funding for Abortion

Soros criticized a ban on government funding for abortions, known as the Mexico City Policy.

“Far-right and anti-abortion groups around the world are emboldened by the Trump administration’s extreme policies that are harming vulnerable groups and undermining global health. @OpenSociety’s @KeiferMA explains the far-reaching effects in @OpenCanada.” — Alex Soros, Twitter, July 21, 2019 


Overturning Roe Would ‘Rob Women of Their Right to Life’

“Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments over Mississippi’s law banning abortion after 15 weeks. A reversal of Roe vs. Wade would rob women of their right to life, to health, and to equality.” — Alex Soros Twitter, Dec. 1, 2021 


Supports Decriminalizing ‘Sex Work’

“My #WCW is @andreachristinepowell. Big props to Andrea and the #ASF grantees @fairgirlsinc for taking the controversial stand for decriminalization of sex work. Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world, and the decriminalization of sex work is imperative to the improvement of their lives! I'm a proud supporter of @fairgirlsinc and the great work they do. Read more about them at” — Alex Soros, Instagram, July 31, 2016. 


Retweets Celebration of ‘Trans Day of Visibility’ 

“Today is #TransDayofVisibility. Here's why legal gender recognition is an essential legal right: #TDOV #TransVisibility.” — Alex Soros, Twitter, March 31 2019


Climate Change

George Soros fueled the radical eco-extremist movement with millions of dollars over the course of his long career. His son’s obsession with the issue shows he’s even worse

Alex Soros has promoted everything from telling teachers to include climate propaganda in school subjects to legitimizing the global redistribution of wealth to fight climate change. One thing is clear: Alex is intent on making the left’s fixation on climate armageddon the civil rights movement of the 21st century.


Tells Teachers to Indoctrinate Students with Climate Propaganda

Teachers: please teach your students about environmental defenders! It doesn’t matter if you teach history, global affairs or science. There is a way to mention environmental defenders in nearly every elementary school classroom.” — Alex Soros, Mongabay, Oct. 27, 2016


Trying to Make Climate Change Radicalism a Civil Rights Movement

“I also think that if environmental defenders become the Rosa Parks’ and the Caesar Chavezes of the environmental movement, the movement will gain unprecedented traction.” — Alex Soros, Mongabay, Oct. 27, 2016 


Global Wealth Redistribution a ‘Compelling Solution’ to Climate Change

Alex Soros linked to a Project Syndicate article by Soros ally Jeffrey Sachs that called for taxing “high-income” countries at $5 per ton of CO2 and directing the funds to “low-income” and “lower-middle-income” countries. 

#COP26 dropped the ball on climate financing to stem loss and damage from the climate emergency. @jeffdsachs offers a compelling solution.” — Alex Soros, Twitter, Nov. 18, 2021


Retweets Father’s Claim that ‘Human Interference Has Destroyed Previously Stable’ World

“‘Climate change is an existential threat to our civilization. Human interference has destroyed a previously stable system and human ingenuity will be needed to restore it.’” — Alex Soros, Twitter, Feb. 17, 2023



One issue that Alex repeatedly exploits is racism. He was very vocal during the 2020-2021 riots brought on by the murder of George Floyd. Alex — who has held a leadership role at OSF for years — exploited the racial strife to target his father’s critics in an op-ed

He described them as being white supremacists and anti-Semitic in nature, and smeared the U.S. as being plagued by “systemic racism.” He then appointed himself and the Soros empire as a solution to America’s supposed racism disease.

Alex is “founding chair” of the radical group Bend the Arc: Jewish Action which denigrates the Republican Party as supposedly being plagued by white supremacy and anti-Semitism. 


Cries ‘White Supremacists’ in Trump ‘White House’

“There are white supremacists in the White House! It’s no coincidence #antisemitism has surged under the Trump administration.” — Alex Soros, Twitter, July 31, 2020


Trump ‘Putting Jews in Danger to Stir Up His White Nationalist Base’

“Trump is putting Jews in danger to stir up his white nationalist base. It's blatant antisemitism. We won't back down. Add your name to show you are proudly #DisloyalToTrump and his white nationalist agenda.” — Alex Soros promoting a racially charged petition by his group Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, Aug. 21, 2019


Salutes BLM Protesters Fighting to ‘Rip Structural Racism Out By Its Roots’ in Justice System

With Open Society’s investments, it is our fervent hope that the activists will have the capacity and time to build power, rip structural racism out by its roots and hold our elected leaders accountable for the wholesale reforms this country’s criminal justice system sorely need. If we let the momentum of this moment fade, Black Americans will never experience the promise of the American Dream, and the country will never live up to its ideals. Black lives matter, and they always will.” — Alex Soros, Op-Ed, July 16, 2020 


Retweets Claim: ‘COVID-19 Pandemic Has Led to a Rise in Antisemitism, Racism’

“‘The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in antisemitism, racism, & conspiracy theories. Trump & the Right are some of the worst offenders. They’re trying to distract us from how badly they’ve failed to keep us safe. But we won’t let them get away with it.’” — Alex Soros retweets a claim by his group Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, Apr. 23, 2020


Quotes MSNBC: ‘Black Americans Have Worse Voting Rights Than in 1965’

“‘Black Americans have worse voting rights now than in 1965.’” — Alex Soros quoting from an MSNBC article, Twitter, June 10, 2021



George Soros, who has bedeviled conservatives for nearly two decades, has found a successor who is even more radical. The elder Soros — who will turn 93 in August — has a self-confessed “god”-complex, crowned son Alex as his heir and ensured the radical Soros legacy will continue.

The 37-year old Alex clearly proved himself to his leftist father to get him to surrender the keys to his $25 billion anti-American nonprofit. 

With new, young blood in leadership and a multibillion-dollar political war chest, the elder Soros has guaranteed that Americans will be fighting the utopian “open society” movement he built for decades to come.

The New York Times reported in 2018 that George “Soros originally planned to close the O.S.F. in 2010.” As the newspaper put it, Soros “didn’t want it to outlive him, because he feared it might then lose its dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit.” He later would change his mind. “I found a mission, a niche, that I felt could be carried on,” said the elder Soros. 

Alex managed to eliminate whatever fears his father had about OSF maintaining leftist “dynamism.” Alex’s history of radical statements like comparing the GOP to groups like “the Confederacy” confirms this. Now those words are backed by his father’s massive fortune. 

George Soros boasted to The Times in 2019 that he was actively engaged in trying to bend “the arc of history” in “the right direction.” However, it looks like it will be the more radical Alex who will be doing the bending in his stead. 

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