Did CNN’s Daniel Dale Just Inadvertently Confirm Soros’ Financial Ties to Manhattan DA Bragg?

April 4th, 2023 10:57 PM

CNN’s blowhard fact-checker Daniel Dale may have just inadvertently confirmed a financial tie between leftist billionaire George Soros and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in a fact-check that tried to dismantle the connection.

Dale rushed to Soros’ defense in his March 31 piece flailing at former President Donald Trump for connecting Bragg — who is leading a politicized, prosecutorial vendetta against him — to Soros. Dale called the connection “exaggerated” and tried to downplay Soros’s $1 million contribution to the leftist Color of Change PAC — the racially charged group that pledged $1 million to support Bragg just days prior to Soros’ donation of the exact same amount.. Color of Change PAC later rescinded half of that amount after an unnamed woman made “disturbing” allegations against Bragg. Dale cited a Soros spokesperson who claimed that while Soros did contribute to Color of Change PAC, “‘None of those funds were earmarked for Alvin Bragg's campaign.’” But Dale wound up undercutting himself. [Emphasis added.]

At the bottom of his piece, Dale said that Color of Change PAC “ended up spending about half of what it had planned [to support Bragg due to the allegations], [Color of Change President Rashad] Robinson said, and kept the rest of Soros's donation for other uses.” Ah, so Soros' money was in fact used?  [Emphasis added.]

Dale must not have realized the implication of his framing. But Dale still tried to tell readers to ignore their lying eyes by quoting Robinson, who deflected: “‘Soros didn't give us money to give to Alvin Bragg. Soros made a donation to Color of Change.’” Per Dale’s framing, some of Soros’ money was used to support Bragg. But Dale dismissed this by zeroing in on how Soros didn’t make a “direct” contribution to Bragg and didn’t speak to him.  For Dale, Soros' connection to Bragg was just "indirect."

“Soros did not make any direct contributions to Bragg's 2021 election campaign, and a Soros spokesperson, Michael Vachon, told CNN last week that the two men have never once communicated in any way,” Dale gaslighted. Newsflash Dale: Soros doesn’t have to make a “direct” contribution to indicate his backing of Bragg. He just needs to fuel radical leftist groups that support his views with his cash and they take care of the rest. The benefit of indirect funding is that Soros can then claim plausible deniability when it suits him, just as he’s done in Bragg’s case. Either Dale doesn’t know how a money trail works and accidentally said the quiet part out loud or he does know and just doesn’t care. 

Dale then wielded a tired leftist tactic by whipping out the race card to brand Soros’ critics (and Trump for that matter) as anti-Semititic. 

"[Soros] has been a frequent target of antisemitic conspiracy theories painting the Jewish philanthropist as a puppetmaster behind various US and international events,” Dale railed. He pushed how a spokesperson from Color of Change PAC "denounced the Soros-related attacks on Bragg in an interview with CNN last week, calling them 'antisemitic,' 'anti-Black' and an overstatement of both Soros's role in the PAC's decision-making and the PAC's role in Bragg's election victory."

 Conservatives are under attack. Contact CNN at 404-827-1500 and demand the outlet quit trying to gaslight on Soros’ connection to DA Bragg.