Hysterical: WashPost Cry-Bully Taylor Lorenz Blames ‘Late Stage' Capitalism for Child Depression

February 21st, 2023 11:20 AM

The Washington Post’s in-house cry-bully Taylor Lorenz made a hysterical attempt to blame capitalism and climate change for child depression.

The Post columnist tried to wokescold the Twitterverse with her theory on the supposed true cause behind child depression. “People are like ‘why are kids so depressed it must be their PHONES!’ But never mention the fact that we’re living in a late stage capitalist hellscape during an ongoing deadly pandemic w record wealth inequality, 0 social safety net/job security, as climate change cooks the world,” she said.

Lorenz lectured that “u have to be delusional to look at life in our country rn and have any amt of hope or optimism.” Perhaps the draconian COVID-19 lockdowns and prolonged school closures harming child development have a better correlation to the problem of child depression, but not according to Lorenz, who has a history of defending Communist China’s COVID-19 lockdown policies. 

Social media influencer Ian Miles Cheong summarized the general Twitterverse response to Lorenz’ nonsense: “What is her damage? Interesting answers only.” 

Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Brian Riedl retorted: “Maybe its just me, but I was depressed at 14 because I wanted a girlfriend, parties, a job, my face to clear up, and a way to unscramble Cinemax. I wasn't worrying obsessively about ‘late-stage capitalism’ and billionaires skewing the wealth distribution in 8th grade.”

Lorenz was apparently oblivious to the fact that her job at The Post exists because of capitalism. One of the world’s richest liberal billionaires, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, literally saved Lorenz’ employer from financial collapse when he purchased The Post for a whopping $250 million in 2013.

Even the ego-centric Never-Trumper and Dispatch Editor-in-Chief Jonah Goldberg pointed out the glaring hypocrisy:

This is so sophomoric. ‘0 social safety net’? First, that’s just not true. Second, does anyone believe middle and upper class kids are depressed because they think we lack a safety net? ‘Late stage’ capitalism is the only reason why this writer has a beat, btw.

Conservative radio host Dan Bongino just responded to Lorenz with a bevy of laughing emojis. Podcaster Tim Pool speculated whether Lorenz “has a mental disability.” He continued: “[I] am serious and not trying to be mean. [I] think she needs someone who cares about her to take her phone away and bring her to some type of rehabilitation.”

Lorenz apparently didn’t appreciate the tidal wave of mockery that her ignorant tweets received, and attempted to do a bit of deflection:

All the people yelling that capitalism is actually going great and everyone in the U.S. should be cheerful and happy: If ur so content with ur life then wyd on here getting all worked up?

Although many have mocked Lorenz, The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine is continuing to protect Lorenz’ tweets from being enshrined on its database. When MRC Business attempted to archive Lorenz’ tweets on capitalism, the Wayback Machine responded with: “This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine” – the same line it gave when Lorenz doxxed and named the formerly anonymous Libs of TikTok account. Apparently the Internet Archive is content with protecting stupidity. 

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The Internet Archive at 415-561-6767 and tell it to restore the ability for users to archive Lorenz’s tweets.