Tucker Mocks Hell Grammys Sponsor: ‘Tonight’s Transgender Satanism Brought to You by Pfizer’

February 7th, 2023 10:28 AM

Nothing celebrates “excellence in the recording arts and sciences” like holding a black sabbath ritual in a sex dungeon, and the 65th Annual Grammy Awards did the hell out of it. Bullwhips, cages, transgenders and Satan worship, featuring the “physically grotesque,” nipple-pasties enthusiast Sam Smith and his “Unholy” musical offering.  

Best of all, it was sponsored by drug behemoth Pfizer, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a field day mocking the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer for its all-too appropriate backing.

Pfizer, which is at the center of the whole dystopian vaccine mandate kerfuffle, apparently didn’t find the optics too compromising when it chose to plaster its logo as the proud sponsor of devil worship. Carlson summed up the Grammys from Hell perfectly during the Feb. 6 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight: “Tonight’s transgender satanism brought to you by Pfizer.” Also, mocked Tucker, “Inject their products into your body!” 

Tucker ripped Pfizer’s “best business model in the history of business” by managing to secure billions of taxpayer dollars then “forc[ing] you to buy their products. And then if the products hurt you, you’re not allowed to sue.” So how is Pfizer using those sweet tax dollars, Tucker asked. Obviously, “[p]aying for” devil-praising cage porn. CBS itself really set the stage with a disturbing, now-deleted tweet promoting Smith’s skin-crawling ritual: “We are ready to worship!”


Tucker’s guest and Spectator contributing editor Chadwick Moore joined in on bashing Pfizer. “It’s levels of villainy that’s so cartoonish it’s like, how can you even be upset? Everyone thinks this company is like pure evil.” He continued: “You know they had to have been aware of what the program was. So someone at Pfizer was like, ‘What are we sponsoring?’ And they said, ‘Oh, you know that pudgy they/them that likes to get peed on in music videos? He’s going to do some devil worshiping.’ And Pfizer was like, ‘Great! Sounds good! Sign us up!’"

In Moore’s estimation, “[Pfizer is] so shameless about this, they don’t even care.”

Conservatives are under attack. Contact Pfizer and hold the company to account for sponsoring devil worship.