WashPost Parrots DNC Climate Council Chair: Virus ‘Inextricably Linked' to Climate Change

August 17th, 2020 5:41 PM

The Washington Post is pushing leftist talking points on climate change as Democrats prepare to formally nominate former Vice President Joe Biden for president.

Post energy and environmental policy reporter Dino Grandoni wrote a climate change story headlined, “The Energy 202: Democrats seek to spotlight climate change at convention despite coronavirus crisis.” He continued that “Democrats will try to bring climate change to the fore during the party's unconventional convention starting this week.” He whined, however, that “it remains to be seen how much the issue of rising temperatures will break through when the country is in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic.” Naturally, he tried to tie the two issues together.

Grandoni noted the percentage drop among registered voters who saw climate change as a “‘very important’” issue. He pivoted to editorialize the alleged comments of the leftist chair of the Democratic National Committee climate council Michelle Regalado Deatrick to connect the coronavirus to climate change, with no quotation:

But Michelle Regalado Deatrick, chair of the climate council, said the coronavirus is inextricably linked to environmental degradation, noting that preliminary studies show air pollution is making the respiratory disease caused by the virus more lethal,” [emphasis added].

It was only after this puffy editorializing that Grandoni actually quoted Deatrick: “‘The pandemic puts a greater emphasis on climate change and environmental justice.’” 

One of the sub-headlines in the piece was riddled with climate change fear-mongering: “Some DNC members are planning events emphasizing what they see as another existential crisis.”

Fox News contributor and founder of JunkScience.com Steve Milloy blasted The Post for pushing this propaganda on Twitter: “Climate communists say anything. #FakeNews media parrots it. Zombie followers eat it up.”

Well said.