Fox Business’s Charles Payne, Neil Cavuto Champion ‘American Patriot’ Herman Cain

July 31st, 2020 2:49 PM

Herman Cain’s “life was a constant rocket ship powered by optimism, confidence and determination,” wrote Fox Business host Charles Payne.

Payne and fellow host Neil Cavuto both gave powerful tributes to the conservative leader and business executive following his death.

Payne wrote in a column headlined “Herman Cain, An American patriot & inspiration” that Cain’s “orbit was the American Dream.” During Thursday’s edition of Cavuto: Coast to Coast, Cavuto noted that a lot of people said Cain “paved the way” for President Donald Trump and said that “regardless of your politics — my friends — we will miss him.” 

Payne noted his personal experience of wanting “to be a businessman from a young age.” However, he added, “dreams need reinforcement. I needed people to look up to so in my greatest moments of doubt I could know others overcame so I could as well.” He stated that Cain “came into my orbit and lifted me like a rocket” and that he became one of Payne’s “de facto mentors.”

The Making Money host described Cain’s involvement with the Tea Party conservative movement: “Herman Cain embraced the Tea Party movement because he was grateful [to] the medical system [that] saved his life in a difficult fight against cancer.” He continued: “[H]e wanted everyone to have the same chance rather than be rejected by an indifferent, cold system that would make decisions based on statistical calculations without measuring a person’s soul or a person’s will to survive.”

According to Payne:

[Cain] was worried about runaway debt knowing it destroyed business and nations. He had ideas and eventually decided to run for president of the United States. He was on a roll and for a period was the favorite to win the Republican nomination. Ironically, politics sank his political effort. But he did not pause. He kept up efforts to serve the nation, [emphasis added].

Cavuto praised Cain, saying that “He had a way of communicating his point without ever getting obnoxious about it.” Cavuto proceeded to show a montage of different interviews he had conducted with Cain in years past proving that point. 

Watch Cavuto’s segment below:

Cavuto stated that “liberals liked him. Conservatives—of course—loved him. But he was admired by everybody. A guy who rose from nothing to become the king of Godfather’s Pizza. Later on as a very promising candidate in his own right for president of the United States. All the way to a successful radio career that was just now rocketing.”

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