MRC's Dan Gainor: 'Trump Doesn't Need the Media, He Is the Media'

November 22nd, 2016 4:01 PM

Donald Trump has continuously circumnavigated the media, proving that he “doesn’t need the media, he is the media,” according to MRC Vice President for Business and Culture Dan Gainor.

Following the confusion leading up to Trump’s meeting with The New York Times, Gainor told Trish Regan on Fox Business Network’s Intelligence Report on November 22 that the media need Trump “as much as he needs them.”

“The media don’t want to admit that but they do,” Gainor argued, explaining that in order to cover the Trump presidency, the media needs “access,” “information from his office” and “quotes and interviews.”

The media have been pushing “liberal candidates” and “liberal policies” since President John F. Kennedy, Gainor said. And more recently, “91 percent of the coverage [has been] anti-Trump from the conventions on, and they’re furious now that he won.”

“He doesn’t need the media, he is the media…He’s more so than any president ever has been,” Gainor concluded, “When you start making major policy statements without a network, the media freak out.”

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