Gasparino: Media Cheerleaders Mean Dems Won't Pay A Price in November

March 25th, 2010 12:06 PM

Conventional wisdom on the right and left has been that President Obama and the Democrats will pay a heavy price in the November mid-term elections for passing the deeply unpopular health care reform bill. But Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino isn’t so sure.   

Gasparino appeared on  the network’s “Imus in the Morning” on March 25. “They can all get even in November then,” Imus said of conservatives and Republicans. But Gasparino believed that liberals have an important weapon on their side: the “cheerleading” news media.

“You know, listen – there’s not a lot of good reporting on this stuff, and that’s the scary thing,” Gasparino said. “Someone should Google or do a LexisNexis on how many times the media positively portrays the savings of this – $138 billion over ten years. To me? This sounds like Enron to me – you really have to believe in a lot of assumptions, and the chicanery of the White House.”

Furthermore, Gasparino said even if the numbers were true? In no way, shape, or form did $13 billion in annual savings justify “blowing up” the entire economy:

“It is a drop in the bucket. When you have the media on your side … listen, I don’t know if they’re going to lose seats,” Gasparino stated. “He does have a … he has a cheerleading section in the mainstream media. It’s really a shame – especially when you’re doing what he’s doing with the economy.”

Gasparino believed that in helping Obama sell health care reform and ignoring his disastrous economic policies, the media have helped to mask the president’s true ideology.

“The real sort of sin here Don, is we have 9.7 percent unemployment – let’s just say it goes down to nine, it has to go down at some point – we were wasting a year on this debate. That’s the folly of the Obama administration. And that is why he’s a leftist. Think about it – if he wasn’t an ideologue? He’d be working on jobs, he wouldn’t be working on this.”