On MSNBC, Mike Barnicle Blames Hillary's Decades-Long 'Security Bubble' for Her Email Problems

March 6th, 2015 8:45 AM

Try as he might, Joe Scarborough cannot understand why the Clinton family won’t admit to their moral failures. On Thursday's show, he said “There is something…in the Clintons…there's always a vast right wing conspiracy. There's always the media coming after them. There's always a blood sport. It’s never about them when, in fact, it's always about them.”

But Mike Barnicle was on site to explain away Hillary Clinton’s feeling that she is above the law: politics ruined her childhood. Hillary behaves as she does because “the Clintons have been in a cocoon of practically in a weird way privacy, their own privacy, the presidential privacy, the Hillary Clinton, I'm-Hillary-Clinton privacy, a security bubble for over a quarter of a century, and they are precluded from leading a normal life.”

This robbery of a “normal life” has rendered them unable to fess up to their crimes, “[t]hey are precluded from doing that.”

Yes. The reason Bill lied under oath, and the reason Hillary won’t obey the law regarding her government emails is because, in the words of Mike Barnicle, they never lived in a world “[w]here someone would come up to you at the dry-cleaners, or the grocery store ‘Hey, you know that thing? Why don’t you just you know, say you made a mistake, say you screwed up and move on?’ ‘Oh yeah, you know, you’re right I’ll do that.’”

Scarborough seemed to be satisfied with this answer to a degree, “It is about the bubble though… All of these people all go to Yale. They all have the same friends. They all know the same billionaires. They all fly on the same private planes.…And it leads to the type of isolation Mike Barnicle’s talking about." 

Despite this education in the science behind the Clinton Family’s propensity to shift blame onto others, Scarbarough did not see fit to renounce his earlier contention that he makes “no secret of the fact [he] like[s] Hillary Clinton very much” and considers her to be “a great example for [his] daughter as far as perseverance go and young women all across the country.”

As for Barnicle, the Clintons’ noted pattern of dishonesty has done nothing to shake is conviction that “[t]hey're good people.” They just “do not lead a normal life.”

PS: To keep the MSNBC faithful from getting too angry, Scarborough led with his admiration for Hillary:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I make no secret of the fact I like Hillary Clinton very much.


SCARBOROUGH: We joked. We called her my girlfriend in 2008 --

BRZEZINSKI: She’s amazing.

SCARBOROUGH: -- because she ran such an incredible campaign. I like her.

BRZEZINSKI: She’s an amazing person.....

SCARBOROUGH: I said she was a great example for my daughter as far as perseverance go and young women all across the country.