Mika Brzezinski Joe Scarborough Willie Geist Morning Joe 11-2-20

Scarborough Brags: We'll Censor Trump If He Declares Victory!

November 2nd, 2020 8:31 AM

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough announces that his crew will be hosting election night coverage on NBC's "Peacock" streaming site, and brags that if President Trump declares victory, "we can assure you if Trump declares victory we’ll say, don’t take the feed. It’s not going to happen." 

Scary Joe Scarborough

SCARY Scarborough: Trump Voters Are 'Sticking Their Hand in a Blender'

October 29th, 2020 3:55 PM

In an era when professional comedy and news-reporting are nearly synonymous, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough decided to try his hand at humor. However, on Thursday's Morning Joe, the host utterly failed in that attempt as he gruesomely compared supporting President Trump to becoming horribly injured by a kitchen appliance.

Hunter Biden poll

Morning Joe SHOCKED Poll Shows Biden Scandal 'Sticking' With Voters

October 28th, 2020 7:47 PM

Less than a week from Election Day, the media and big tech are desperately trying to hold back the flood waters of the Hunter Biden fiasco that was sparked by a New York Post story that ties Joe Biden to a meeting with a Ukrainian energy executive. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday, co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Politico’s Jake Sherman about the results of a poll of…

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

NBC Tries to Reassure Nervous Dems Fearing Another 2016 ‘Doomsday’

October 27th, 2020 12:10 PM

On NBC’s Sunday Today, host Willie Geist channeled the worst fears of Democrats in 2020, that it would be a repeat of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign: “After 2016, Democrats are suspicious of Joe Biden’s polling lead and Republicans see a reason for hope. So how much should you trust the numbers?” In the report that followed minutes later, the network attempted to reassure the…

Joe Scarborough attacks friends and loved ones

Miserable Scarborough Attacks Friends and Loved Ones Backing Trump

October 23rd, 2020 9:20 AM

In a whirlwind of emotions Wednesday morning, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe  opened up about his friends and loved ones who are voting to re-elect President Trump. Plagued by feelings of personal betrayal, Scarborough received no comfort from wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski, who only poured gas on his emotional dumpster fire.

Joe Scarborough Jon Meacham MSNBC Morning Joe 10-22-20

Morning Joe: Rubes Believe Hunter Biden Stories -- We Know Better

October 22nd, 2020 3:24 PM

On Morning Joe, Willie Geist says that Trump voters believe the stories about Hunter Biden because of their "information filter," but "if you watch it from where we [in the liberal media] are sitting, it’s factually untrue."

Michael Steele MSNBC Morning Joe 10-20-20

MSNBC Hypes Ex-RNC Boss Comparing Biden to Lincoln, Trump to Assassin

October 20th, 2020 11:19 AM

Is there anything less shocking than MSNBC analyst Michael Steele endorsing Biden for president? In August, the former Republican Party chairman joined the so-called Lincoln Project, On Tuesday's Morning Joe, they came out of a commercial break and aired a Lincoln Project commercial (gratis?) that explicitly compared Biden to Abraham Lincoln, and compared Trump's…

Joe Scarborough mocks Rush Limbaugh

Scarborough Throws Tantrum Over Critics Blasting Tainted Town Halls

October 16th, 2020 6:08 PM

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday, co-host Joe Scarborough had harsh words for anyone who dared to criticize his left-wing media buddies who moderated town hall events with President Trump and Joe Biden.

Willie Geist and Andrew Cuomo

Geist Grills Cuomo on COVID Failures, Then Asks if He’ll Be Biden’s AG

October 12th, 2020 5:11 PM

Viewers of Monday morning’s Today show could be forgiven if they experienced whiplash while watching fill-in co-host Willie Geist interview New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. While the anchor did repeatedly press the Democrat on his major failures in responding to the coronavirus, Geist wrapped up the exchange by wondering if Cuomo would accept a promotion to Attorney General of the…


Shameful Hacks: Morning Joe Lobbies for 25th Amendment to Oust Trump

October 9th, 2020 7:40 PM

Joe Scarborough revealed that wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski, inspired by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s outrageous claims that the President is in an “altered state,” had been giddy about the possibility of a 25th Amendment invocation for Trump to relieve himself of his duties as President.

Cast of Veep

Morning Joe Fawns Over 'Veep' Stars Raising $$$ for Wisconsin Dems

October 9th, 2020 3:45 PM

In a move that should come as no surprise to Morning Joe viewers, the show’s co-hosts reserved the last ten minutes of Thursday’s MSNBC show for a couple of far-left guests to share their inspiring story about raising big bucks for Democrats.

Jonathan Lemire

Sick Morning Joe Crew Attacks Trump's 'Dr. McShady'

October 7th, 2020 5:02 PM

Despite not having a medical degree between the three of them, Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, and Willie Geist had very strong professional opinions Tuesday morning about how poorly the White House Medical Unit has handled President Trump’s battle with the coronavirus.

Joe Scarborough and David Ignatius

Morning Joe Hopes COVID Will Stop Trump ‘Interference’ With Govt

October 2nd, 2020 7:00 PM

Apparently shocked and saddened by Thursday night’s breaking news that President Trump tested positive for COVID-19, leftist media hosts began seeking some sort of silver lining in which to take comfort.

Brzezinski and Scarborough

MSNBC Meltdown: Cancel Future Debates to Save ‘Our Country’

October 1st, 2020 11:28 PM

In the wake of Tuesday night’s heated Presidential Debate between President Trump, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, the hosts of Morning Joe found themselves in a whirlwind of mixed emotions.