Michael Knowles Mocks Pete Buttigieg’s Failed Electric Vehicle Rollout

May 30th, 2024 6:25 PM

Daily Wire host Michael Knowles applauded CBS Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan for laying bare the absurdity of a Biden administration initiative. When questioned on CBS, Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had no good defense for the absurdly slow and expensive rollout of electric vehicle (EV) chargers across the country.


CBS’s ‘Face The Nation’ Honors The Fallen

May 26th, 2024 5:02 PM

CBS’s Sunday affairs show Face the Nation opened its Memorial Day weekend broadcast the right way- by taking a moment to put things in perspective, and honoring our Nation’s fallen, before entering into its normal routine. 


Nets Channel North Korean State Media in Hailing Biden’s Physical Exam

March 1st, 2024 12:45 PM

President Biden visited Walter Reed Medical Center on Wednesday morning for this 2024 physical ahead of what’s expected to be a brutal reelection fight and as questions about what’s clearly a slowing Biden from a physical and mental standpoint have exploded.  Instead of showing skepticism towards those in power, the “big three” of ABC, CBS, and NBC channeled state-run media in places like…


CBS’s Costa Frets Over No GOP Reckoning For Trump On…Immigration???

February 25th, 2024 10:18 PM

A Face the Nation segment on former President Donald Trump’s remarks at the Black Conservative Federation gala in South Carolina led into a bizarre take by Robert Costa lamenting the lack of a GOP reckoning for Trump on immigration, of all things. Perhaps, at this point, we should reconsider naming the program “Faceplant the Nation”.


CBS’s Brennan Tries To Put Trump Criticism In Sen. Lankford’s Mouth

January 28th, 2024 10:19 PM

Today’s interview of Senator James Lankford (R-OK) illustrates the very reason why the late, great Rush Limbaugh coined the term “drive-by media”. CBS Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan attempted to pull a fast one and manufacture a quote from Sen. Lankford that he never uttered.


CBS’s Brennan SHOCKED That a Republican Will Vote for the GOP Nominee

January 14th, 2024 8:07 PM

Sunday political talk shows are supposed to be, I’m told, a place where political affairs are talked about both for and by the smart set. Today, one of the smart set appears to have been confused by a Trump-opposed Republican stating that he will nonetheless vote for Donald Trump if he is the 2024 GOP nominee, rather than vote for Joe Biden.



Speaker Johnson BUSTS CBS’s Brennan Mid-Question For Not Reading Brief

January 8th, 2024 1:14 AM

When preparing to ask someone about a document that bears their name, such as a Supreme Court filing, before attempting to grill them on national TV over the aforementioned document, it is always a good idea to READ the document beforehand. But, alas, CBS’s Margaret Brennan did no such thing before attempting to grill Speaker Mike Johnson on the 2021 Texas amicus brief filed before the United…


The Sunday Shows Went on a Collective Anti-Trump Drive-By, and Missed

January 7th, 2024 11:53 PM

Across the dial, Sunday political affairs shows took it upon themselves to attempt to make GOP members of Congress squirm in response to statements made by former President Donald Trump. This collective drive-by attempt failed miserably, hitting nothing but air.


CBS’s Margaret Brennan Presses Speaker Johnson On Immigration Judges

January 4th, 2024 12:37 AM

During an interview which will air in its entirety on CBS’s Face The Nation, CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent and Face The Nation moderator Margaret Brennan pressed Speaker Mike Johnson on the need to fund more immigration judges so as to address the backflow of asylum claims, as our southern border remains collapsed under the pressure of the ongoing migrant surge.


CBS Reporter Laments ‘Protections of Free Speech’ Prevent Censorship

December 31st, 2023 6:12 PM

During a year-end wrapup segment on Face The Nation, CBS Senior Business and Technology Correspondent Jo-Ling Kent lamented that “the arguments and protections of free speech” prevent social media companies from engaging in further censorship and viewpoint suppression. Additionally, Kent took a shot at Elon Musk for his free speech reforms at X, formerly known as Twitter.


Nets Note Record Border Surge, Hide WH ‘Root Causes’ Tie-In

December 22nd, 2023 12:44 AM

You just know that things are bad when the network evening newscasts have to actually make the time to report on the ongoing explosion at the southern border. Tonight, all three networks reported on the record detentions this week. None, however, reported on the White House's tie-in to the awful prisoner swap with the Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela.


Network Newscasts Unsure About How To Cover Biden-Maduro Prison Swap

December 21st, 2023 12:17 AM

The network evening newscasts were unsure whether to hail, cover neutrally, or condemn the latest U.S. prisoner swap with an authoritarian regime. In this case, the exchange with Venezuela’s Maduro dictatorial regime, which returned his notorious bagman, Alex Saab, in exchange for fugitive “Fat Leonard” and 10 additional hostages.


CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ Circles Wagons Around Gazans, Against Israel

October 23rd, 2023 12:51 PM

CBS’s Sunday political talk show Face the Nation spent its most recent episode lashing out against Israel and rallying around the Palestinians and their beloved Hamas terrorist group who rule over them in Gaza. From the very beginning, host Margaret Brennan and correspondent Imtiaz Tyab touted claims that Israel has been engaged in “apartheid” war crimes” against poor Gazans and the…


INDICTMENT?! CBS Stunned Biden & Trump Should Be Treated Equal

October 15th, 2023 1:55 PM

Equal justice under the law is a difficult concept to understand for CBS Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan. During an interview Sunday with Republican Congressman Mike Turner, Brennan seemed stunned that he called for both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump to be treated the same for mishandling classified documents.